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On this page we will share handy tools and links that will help you with your online marketing efforts.

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Wondering how you are going to keep track of all your passwords? Install Roboform, an easy to use and secure password manager for one-click form filling.  We would be lost without Roboform!

Six Daily Methods of Operation

Also called Daily Activities for Success, or Steps to Success, this is a step by step blueprint that your company will give you for you to base your daily business activities around.  At anytime that you feel you are not achieving success, refer to the daily activities to pinpoint where you are going wrong.

This is a general list; most companies will have their own steps to Success activities for you to follow.

1. Income producing activities – Placing ads, calling leads (MOST IMPORTANT), 3-way calls, marketing research etc.  50% of distributors do not call their leads! Don’t leave money on the table.  Call everyone and move them through your email marketing system.

2. Daily visualization and meditation – Focus on your goals.  Get very clear on what you want to archive in your life.  Use an online journal, diary, a scrapbook or Pinterest to document specific things you want to experience or have in your life.

 3. Personal Development – Put aside time EVERY DAY to concentrate on personal development course content or other relevant books and audio.  Have content accessible wherever you are; download audio’s and PDF’s to your mobile devices and plug into them on the go.

 4. Masterminding with leaders – Attend all the training calls and live events and conferences that your company puts on.  Mixing with like minded and successful people, will help to bring success into your own life and business.  If you cannot attend the calls live, check to see if you can download recorded calls.  Save to a CD or mp3 player if you wish.

Call your upline/team leader OFTEN.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil so keep in touch with them always and ask lots of questions.

5. Cultivating the expectation of leadership – Expect that you will attract leaders into your business, just as you are a leader now! Your team members will do as you do so always keep that in mind in every part of your daily business activities.  You want to create a duplicatable business model, not teach your downline/team members a whole new way of creating sales.  The current sales model works, stick to it.

6. Gratitude – Be grateful for what is to come, but also be very grateful for what you have right now.  Write down your daily wins and gratitude’s in your preferred journaling system.  Ensure you also tell a loved one what you are grateful for in your lives together.


LogoNerds – logos & Facebook graphics

BigStock – cheap stock images

GIMP – Free graphics editing program

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Sprout Social

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