Domain Names

Do I need to get a domain?
If you have a professional marketing system, replicated website or affiliate link that you want to personalize, we recommend that you purchase a domain name corresponding to your ‘brand’. If the .com extension is unavailable you may have to tweak your brand name but always purchase the different extensions – .biz, .info, .me, .net for example. As many as you need. This will also prevent anybody else from using your name.

If you are not going to brand yourself or your business, and select to use the company provided website and landing pages, then you don’t have to purchase a domain name. Your link will be something like which works – but can be a bit much to remember. You could shorten it using or the IBOurl tool which are both great for tracking links, but it still won’t look professional. For example we purchased domain to redirect to our sign up page which is a lot shorter to share, it has our branding and is easier to remember and looks more trustworthy.

The advantage of getting your own domain is it looks more professional and could be a lot shorter also, but it is not essential.

Infomation on selecting your domains:

We recommend VentraIP or Go Daddy as these 2 companies allow free redirections. Also consider your email requirements. Depending on which domain registrar you use, through your control panel you should be able to set up an email address to redirect to your usual email address also.

Your first domain name can be either the name of your business, first and last name or another phrase which you think reflects your target audience and includes important keywords.

For example:

Or your preferred business name: for example.

If you are targeting just a specific location then chosen something like for Australia, or for the UK. Personally if we cannot get the top 3 (.com, .net and local we just adjust our url slightly until we can, and generally get a few others also like the .biz, .me .org etc.

Choose a domain that is as short as possible.

You can purchase as many domains as you wish to redirect to your website.

View a short video on how to redirect domains using our preferred international company GoDaddy

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