Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising can be very effective way to advertise your home based business if you have an appealing graphic and a strong call to action.

You can get banners designed very cheaply by using the services of these recommended sites:
Fiverr (beware – you get what you pay for!)

Or design yourself using Canva or Picmonkey.

There are lots of free or cheap banner advertising websites, you can even start by finding a popular blog in your niche and asking the site owner if they offer banner advertising.

For example, find a popular ecommerce shopping blog and ask if you can place a banner advert for your eBay drop shipping business.  Always check their Alexa rating to ensure that the site is getting a high traffic count.

We recommend these banner advertising sites to begin with:



Buckets of Banners

IBOextra Banner exchange

IBOToolbox also has a banner advertising option.  Advertising credits can be purchased or earned by actively participating on the site.

All of the sites above are free to join.  You can advertise your own banners by either placing some banner exchange code on your website, or viewing a certain amount of banners/websites per day. You can upgrade to a premium subscription to get higher views of your banners but we recommend you start with a free account.

Before you create your banner campaign, ensure that your links are trackable so that you can test which campaigns are performing the best.

An easy way to do this it to create a free account on IBOToolbox and use the IBOurl tool. Simply paste in your usual promoter link to create a shortened and trackable link.  Every time your IBOurl link is clicked, the stats will update in your IBOToolbox back office.

Make sure you create a tracked link for each campaign.

You can also use Pretty Links (a WordPress plugin) if you have your own site, or You can also track URL’s using the Google URL Builder.

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