The Best Way to Fail Online [Real Income Testimonials]

INFINii CEO Hitesh Juneja continue’s sharing his thoughts on a “Leveraged EcoSystem”

So yesterday I went into some details of why even the so-called ‘gurus’ and the people who present themselves as ‘experts’ and pitch one thing after another fail. Yes, even the ones with big lists, the flash-in-the-pan ‘celebrities’ of the online world. And the reason is simple – the need for a leveraged ecosystem.

A Leveraged Ecosystem is where you can develop an income from outside of your own activities. Where you have a certain amount of leverage that lets you be profitable without constant efforts and management. The best Network Marketers know how to leverage their networks. The best online marketers know how to leverage traffic providers like Facebook, Google, & Bing. Even then only 3~5% of these people ever have success. And over the long run, it’s less than 1%!!

Why? Because they are not actually part of an Ecosystem. The customers don’t have leverage. The average participant doesn’t have it. And once the Networker runs out of his network, or the Marketer runs out of advertising money (or gets Google Slapped), they are done and gone.

This is why you see these guys jumping from company to company or selling one thing after another. A new course, a new trick, a new system… Obviously always with a price (for their commissions). Sometimes to the tune of 4~5 things every couple of months.

What happens in an Ecosystem is that everything is interconnected. Let me give you an example – eBay!

Ebay has sellers and buyers. They interact with each other, and in turn drive the entire ecosystem. Ebay’s job is manage things carefully to let the Ecosystem run properly. That’s it! The seller leverages eBay’s buyers. Buyers leverage eBay’s sellers and platform. And eBay in turn leverages both of them to keep becoming bigger!

This is the same principle behind INFINii – Networkers, Customers, Sellers, Buyers, all are interacting together to create an ecosystem that keeps growing. Once you bring even more pieces into the mix, it rapidly becomes THE Largest Ecosystem of its kind.

This is why over the last 3 years we haven’t had to promote random digital tricks or products. We can just put everything into the same platform, and continue working with the same users. And this is why Networkers don’t have to look for another company to jump to either!

ecommerce income infinii

Actual eCommerce Income

INFINii Partner Income example

Actual INFINii Partner Income

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In 5 days we roll INFINii out of the Pre-launch and into Live Mode – The Epitome of all Leveraged Systems to date!

Tomorrow I will reveal Amazon’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’ (you’ll be shocked when you actually see this!) that will prove once and for all this is the ONLY path that works for everyone today!

Endless Possibilities Begin with Leverage!

~ INFINii Group

If you joined INFINii when we first launched but have since lost interest or discovered yet another money making opportunity, this might be a good time to re-visit what we are working towards at INFINii. George and Merrin are both 100% focused on building our INFINii team – eCom Ninjaz, and would love to help you through any reservations you have about joining.

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eCom Ninjaz Team Leaders George & Merrin Robinson with the INFINii company owners Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja.

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