Leading By Example | INFINii V2 May 2016

The last few months have been interesting and challenging! It’s been great getting to know people from all over the world and extremely rewarding to see team members work hard at their business and achieve awesome results 🙂 🙂

leadership INFINiiNew company launches never run smoothly and it’s completely understandable that many people moved on to other things during this phase. This is all about to change, and after recent meetings with the corporate team we are extremely excited about what is finally being put in place this month.

We are starting to see an influx of new and old members upgrading their memberships and getting to work, either on the eCommerce side or building their own teams, and we have been working hard at ensuring those people get access to the best support and resources to build their incomes quickly.

With the new compensation plan changes, we are also changing our own team building strategy. The new plan will allow people to rank advance from team spillover, unlike before. By building a large strong team direct to us, we are reducing the risk of people being ‘lost’ in the system, and at the same time, our team builders are benefitting from our momentum.

New rule: Lead By Example!

By using the same tools and resources that our team members have for free (marketing system, additional training) we will SHOW that it can be done. By helping ourselves first, others will learn and follow by example.

We are still building deep and our most committed team members will benefit from this in the new restructure in INFINii. Hint: Do NOT miss the upcoming corporate webinar 😉

If you have been on the sidelines with INFINii for the last 6 months and have a team of people looking for a long-term business to partner with, we would love to work with you one-on-one to help you reach your goals.

Send us a message on this page and tell us about yourself, or go ahead and fill in the form here: The second page has loads of info about the company and products. This will be updated with new comp plan details very soon!

As always, if you have ANY questions about INFINii prior to joining, don’t hesitate to connect with George or Merrin on Facebook and have a chat about what’s best for you!

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