INFINii is Breaking Records in New Zealand and All Around the World


Guest post from one of our New Zealand Team Ninjaz Leaders Kim Watson.

And Then There Was ‪#‎INFINii‬

Excited to have found this “Golden Nugget” And to have the Opportunity To Create More Financial Freedom In One Of The Largest Most Profitable Markets…This Concept May Change Your Life So You Definitely Want To Read on…

The #INFINii Business Model is for Everyday People to “Build A Real Profitable Business” ..It can actually be One way for you to break free from the regular J.O.B you may have….This is About Selling Products Through Distribution Channels Such As Amazon & Ebay.

Over 65,000 people have joined INFINii in the last 60 days!

This is not just for US or UK people, we have a global team of eCommerce entrepreneurs from all over the world – New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Israel, Canada, India and MORE!

Why Would I Be Promoting This Offer ??

It’s about the People behind the Company, Who are so Smart, On the Pulse and in Trend, Who have proven themselves in this Industry. They are responsible for helping to generate….OVER $2 BILLION in sales with profits of OVER $300 MILLION for members.

Please re-read that last sentence again…Yes You Read That Right….!!!

These people have brought a Tremendous amount of Value to Members and are responsible for helping to create more Success Stories than anyone else in this Industry. And now they built an online eCommerce eco-system to make it even easier to research and list products online without doing any of the hard work yourself!

Going forward there will many new income streams and eCommerce services available for members including ‘Group Buying Power” to get you started with your own online inventory.

This business concept has never been done before and it is certainly a major Breakthrough that is going to create a Legitimate and Compliant and Profitable business for you…That in turn creates more Freedom in your life.!!! Count Me In …

Of course… There are other reasons such as one of the most Lucrative Compensation Plans … But lets save that for another conversation.

For those of you wondering if you should jump on board with this..Here is something to think about…

There is No Question that this is going to be one of the Biggest Launches of 2016.

So Many of the Biggest Names in the industry are jumping in…And When you Look at the Offer…The Success Stories… The Social Proof… And the Leaders getting involved… And also the building momentum …It’s an Absolute No-Brainer.

So If You Are Looking To Come On Board And Take Action To Create The Financial Lifestyle You are Destined for ……Just Do It !! Fill in the form here to create your account.

You’ll Thank Me Later….

P.S – This Opportunity is Global. So if you are from New Zealand or Australia Get In Touch With Me

Always To Your Success…

Kim Watson

New Zealand

Skype:  kim..watson

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