What is possible with INFINii eCommerce and eCom Ninjaz

Does INFINii work? – Can I make money from home using INFINii? – What is possible with INFINii?

INFINii Members Dion Jaffee & Nathan Van Tuyl

1 Does INFINii work?

Simple answer…. Yes!

So far Our users have now generated over 4 million separate orders in the first 5 months of INFINii – and that number is about to explode with what’s coming next! INFINii Marketplace – INFINii Stores…. BOOM!!!




2 Can I make money from home using INFINii

Absolutely, and it does not matter where in the world you are.
You can either sell in your own local country or in other countries like the United States even though you maybe living in Spain, India or even Australia and New Zealand. INFINii makes it very simple for everyone.

Merrin and I have already helped people from all over the world to create success with this program and are looking forward to helping many more as this company continues to grow and create even more profit centers.

Vijay from India is building a great business


3 What is possible?

This is a business that you can do from anywhere no matter what your religion, age, race or education is. And you can scale / build it as big as you like.

Yes it can take time to learn. Some people take a Month to start creating an income, while others it is under 24 hours, everyone is different. But either way even if it takes 1 or Months to learn to create a full time income that you can do from anywhere in the world in an industry that is not going anywhere but up still seems like a pretty smart idea to me.

Jim Chao – he put in the work, now is living the dream!

Note this photo of the cheque is a couple of years old now, he is now doing well over a million a year.

There are literately thousands of INFINii members all over the world creating long term residual business using the INFINii system. In fact INFINii’s subsidiary company has generated over 2.5 billion dollars in sales since August 2013. INFINii is just refining the system and making it more accessible to people internationally, where the previous company was aimed more at just people living in the US

A few of our other INFINii Members

The INFINii eCom Ninjaz team of experienced and supportive e-Commerce professionals are here and waiting to help you get started today!


eCom Ninjaz Team Leaders George & Merrin Robinson with the INFINii company owners Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja.


Want to learn more about how we work full time from home?


Want to see more INFINii testimonials and success stories? Check out our team page: and let us know if you want to work with any of our awesome team members in your location!

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