New INFINii Compensation Plan Review May 11 2016

There is no doubt, the new INFINii compensation plan is definitely simpler! But is it any good?

INFINii Compensation Plan Short Overview Video

First let’s have a quick look at what they have changed, then you can decide for yourself. And at the end of this post you will see what we think about the new INFINii Comp Plan changes.

1 JumpStart Bonus

For the old FastStart Bonus you earned a one off bonus on every member you referred to INFINii equal to 15% of their initial selected membership. And if they upgraded you also earned the difference.

As for the Beginner Bonus & Team Builder Bonus these were fairly complicated, but were based on bringing in a certain amount of BV into your organization within a certain time period, and as long as Mars was to the left of Jupiter and it was winter in Kenya you would earn….

These 3 have now been combined and are called the JumpStart Bonus and this is basically the same as the previous FastStart Bonus, except they have upped the 15% to a Massive 25%!
So Beginner Bonus & Team Builder Bonus have been effectively removed.

This is great for putting more money in the INFINii partners pockets quickly. And is drop dead simple to understand, achieve and explain, so need to waist time understanding the laws of the universe: )

2 Milestones Bonus & Check Match Bonuses

So all of the rank Bonuses are in the Manager Family of 5. Every time you hit one of the ranks you will earn the corresponding one off bonus.

  • Manager: $50.00
  • Regional Manager: $100.00
  • National Manager: $350.00
  • Global Manager: $500.00

Check Match Bonus – Level 1:
Then if anyone you personally refer hits one of these ranks, they will receive the bonus, but because you referred them you will also earn a Check Match equal to 20% of their bonus.

For example: If your direct referral hits the Global Manager Rank they will earn the $500.00 bonus, and you will earn a 20% check Match which would equal $100.00 bonus to you!

Check Match Bonus – Level 2:
And you will also earn a Check Match Bonus when anyone on your second level reaches one of these ranks equal to 10%.

For example: if your direct referral (Sam) refers someone (Mel) who hits the Global Manager Rank; Mel will earn the Global Manager $500.00 Bonus, Sam they will earn the 20% Check Match Bonus $100.00, and you will earn a 10% check Match Bonus which would equal $50.00!

3 Infinity Pay

We did have the Infinity Pay before, but it only paid 5% per leg (line of lineage). And you had to have a min of 500BV in the leg before you would get paid on it. And it only started at the Director Rank 5 levels in (So not for the beginners). And had low fixed caps on the earnings per leg. And any spillover BV from above was not counted in the Infinity Pay.

Yes they also had a Binary, but as will all binary you only earn on the lessor leg. “WOW! Look at my Power Leg, it’s HUGE!!!” – “Who cares! you don’t get paid on it and it does not count towards your rank…”

Now we no longer have the Binary, we just have the Infinity Pay, BUT…

  • It now pays out 10% of BV per leg
  • There is no minimum BV to get paid on
  • It starts at the beginner ranks (so great for new builders)
  • The earning caps have doubled!
  • And you earn off of any spillover from above the same as any other BV. And this ALL counts towards your rank advancement!

Again, simpler and better!

4 Infinity Pay Check Match

Anyone you personally refer you will earn a check match off of their Infinity Pay equal to a certain percentage depending on your rank.

Here are the percentages Check Match you will earn:

  • Regional Manager: 5%
  • National Manager: 10%
  • Global Manager: 15%
  • Director: 30%
  • Senior Director: 35%
  • Executive Director: 40%
  • Presidential Director: 45%
  • Ambassador: 60%
  • Diamond Ambassador: 70%
  • Crown Ambassador: 80%
  • Global Ambassador: 100%

So for example: You are on the National Manager Rank and you refer Sam. Sam makes $760.00 this week in his Infinity Pay, because you are at the National Manager rank and you referred Sam you will earn a 10% Check Match, so 10% of the $760.00 means you get $76.00 bonus that week from Sam!

This may not seem like a lot, but if you refer a few people you will find this will add up, and as you help them grow your percentage will get bigger and bigger – This WILL create a very significant pay for many people – us included!


Holding Tank

We also now have a holding tank. Anyone you personally refer will go into a holding tank for up to 30 days. Anytime during this 30 days you have the optopn of placing this person anywhere in your team. They will still be your personally referred, but you could place them below a 100 people in one of your legs, this makes no difference to you, the the BV that this person creates will now not only benefit you, but it will also benefit the other 99 people above them.

This is VERY powerful for team building, encourages very positive team growth and duplication!

And that is basically it – VERY Simple, But VERY Powerful!

So what do we think? We love it!

  • We can clearly see that this is going to put more money in the pockets of our new builders. Very Important!
  • We can also see that this is 100 times easier to understand, quicker to explain, quicker to answer questions on, and over all a lot less strain on support!
  • And the Holding Tank is going to be a great tool to help our teams grow as we start building below them!

The INFINii eCom Ninjaz team of experienced and supportive e-Commerce professionals are here and waiting to help you get started today!


eCom Ninjaz Team Leaders George & Merrin Robinson with the INFINii company owners Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja.


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