INFINii Private One On One Coaching

? Are you stuck with your eCommerce business?

? Are you having success but want to take your business to the next level?

INFINii Private Coaching:

One of the FASTEST ways to start your new eCommerce business or ramp up and existing business is to get a private coach. Someone who is going to work with your one on one to make sure you are understanding everything 100%.

? What Do You Get With INFINii Coaching?

INFINii Coaching offers a 6 week program where you will get 5 live training sessions. Each one of these you will get walked though your action steps for the following week, your homework tasks : )

Then on the next call your INFINii Private Coach will review your progress, look for potential improvements, see what you may need help with and then setup your next steps for the following week to build on what you have already done. Then Wash, Rinse and Repeat…

You will get assigned an INFINii Coach based on where you are in your eCommerce business, just starting, advanced, FBA, Retail Arbitrage…

INFINii Coaching TeamNinjaz

? Why INFINii Coaching?

There are lots of people our there charging thousands of dollars for private coaching, most of them have no personal experience and then you have to buy a heap of tools on top of all that.

Our INFINii coaching is done by people that know what they are doing, they have already had success on their own. They actually walk the walk!
INFINii also offers Private coaching at a fraction of the other competing companies prices. In fact it is currently offered for under $499 which is huge value considering you are one on one with a real eCommerce expert!

Also by being part of INFINii you get all of the other industry leading tools, training and services that go hand in hand.

For new people INFINii Coaching is perfect to get your eCommerce business off the ground and growing fast!

? Who Are Our INFINii Coaches?

1 Edwin Snyder

  • eCommerce Track Record: $93,000.00 USD

INFINii Coaching TeamNinjaz Edwin Snyder

2 Carly J

  • eCommerce Track Record: $122,461.00 USD
  • Personally trained over 550 people

INFINii Coaching TeamNinjaz Carly-J

3 Frank Bodiker

  • eCommerce Track Record: $271,499.00 USD

INFINii Coaching TeamNinjaz Frank Bodiker

2 Ofelia Palencia

  • eCommerce Track Record: $650,000.00 USD
  • Personally trained over 300 people

INFINii Coaching TeamNinjaz Ofelia Palencia

2 Parrish & Nikki Witherspoon

  • eCommerce Track Record: $1,700,000.00 USD
  • Personally trained over 2,500 people

INFINii Coaching TeamNinjaz Parrish & Nikki Witherspoon

Kick-start your INFINii business today!

The INFINii eComNinjaz Top Team of experienced and supportive e-Commerce plus trading professionals are here and waiting to help you get started today!


eComNinjaz Team Leaders George & Merrin Robinson with the INFINii company owners Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja.


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Want to see more INFINii testimonials and success stories? Check out our team page: and let us know if you want to work with any of our awesome team members in your location!

Your endless “eCommerce” possibilities start today!​

George and Merrin Robinson
INFINii and DS Domination Founding Members

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