DSD Corporate Webinar Replay and Announcements

dsd corporate webinar replay
Here is the replay for the September 19th DSD Corporate webinar:

The next phase for DSD will be launched at the Orlando Event in October and we just got another sneak peek at what is coming up.

Digital products and services marketplace

Similar to JVZoo and Clickbank, the DSD marketplace will be full of digital training, tools, software and online courses available to the 100k plus DSD customer base. Referring affiliates will get paid a commission on sales and those who introduced the digital product provider will also get a percentage.

If you have an online program, training course, digital product, tool, software or service available for sale online, we want to hear from you!!
clickbank dsd platform
jvzoo dsd platform

DSD Dropshipping Marketplace for Physical Products

DSD members have been responsible for over 2 BILLION DOLLARS in sales on eBay and Amazon. eBay and Amazon LOVE DSD members beacuse think about all of those transaction fees!
Now think about the possibilities if DSD create their own eCommerce platform – think eBay, Amazon, Shopify and Alibaba all combined into a members only platform!

NO silly eBay restrictions. International friendly. Awesome profit opportunities on items you can either dropship, send directly into Amazon for FBA or sell on your own DSD storefront!

DSD Alibaba-logo
DSD shopify-logo
DSD amazon
DSD ebay logo

New DSD Affiliate Compensation Plan

To be launched at the upcoming DSD event in Orlando, Florida, the new comp plan will be a lot more favorable to affiliates at DSD – and will attract some big leaders from other product based network marketing companies. Payout will be 70% and up to affiliates! Other companies are around 35%.

To maximise the new comp plan, all you need is to introduce 2.4 team members to the business model and to introduce them to the team support group. It’s such an easy business to promote!

Get profitable quickly with the new beginners bonus pool, just one of the 8 ways to earn with the new DS Domination affiliate business model.

dsd beginners rank new comp plan

Digital membership platforms are on the rise and more popular than ever. Product based companies who require a certain amount of products to be purchased by all their members each month (auto-ship) are old school!

If you are struggling with your current company – we want to hear from you! Make DSD your new home for you and your team before your downline joins us.

If you have ever had a new team member join you and not made 1 cent in the business, then you owe it to your team to share DSD with them.

dsd elevation bonusThe new DSD the will be launched at the end of October will be the first company in the world to offer this comp plan with a digital product based company.

Elevation Bonus & Retirement Plan Sneak Peek:

Event attendees will get Hitesh’s super duper eCommerce data tool for product research 🙂 Plus discounts for online marketing training. Get your tickets here: use affiate referrer georgerobinson. You don’t HAVE to be a DSD member to attend – let us know if you want to go.

What are you waiting for?! Join our DS Domination team right now and be in the company before everyone else joins in November. If you are unhappy with your current company – talk to us! If your downlines have been unhappy and not making any money – you need to tell them about DSD! Email us now –

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