Understanding the DSD Options Domination Compensation Plan

Yesterday we had a corporate webinar with the whole DS Domination team and it was one of the best webinar’s I have been on!

The guys were hilarious of course, all 4 company owners were there – Hitesh Juneja, Roger Langille, Kevin Hokoana and Jason Rose.  It made me realise how much integrity, intelligence and vision that the DSD team have, and how much they care about the whole DSD community.

If you missed it, you can catch the replay here:

There is a great Q&A session at the end. If you log into your DSD members area you will see a big Options Domination banner, click on that to lock in your spot. Official emails have not been sent out yet but I am told it is very soon.

Hopefully you will see the urgency of reactivating your DSD account, or joining DSD this week before Options Domination is live to the public at the end of the week.

If you are struggling to understand the compensation plan side of the new program, you may find this video easier to udnerstand: the first half is understanding Binary Options trading and the second half breaks down the compensation plan.

Here is the figures you need to know:

There are 3 packages in Options Domination.
1. $49 per month package.
2. $149 per month package.
3. $399 per month package.

When you join with the signup link you receive from us, (will be ) you will be placed in a Tri-Matrix. The matrix is a 3×7 company forced matrix. It expands to 7-levels deep. The Tri-Matrix is 3 separate matrices. Unlike traditional company forced matrices everyone earns in this Tri-Matrix. I will call the 3 matrices M1, M2 and M3.

M1 is a standard 3×7 company forced matrix.
M2 is a reverse of M1. People on the bottom are now on the top.
M3 is a combination of M1 and M2 where the people that have not earned are placed.

You earn a commission on every position that is in your matrix. You can earn in one of the matrices or a combination in any of the matrices. Everyone earns no matter where they are placed.

The $49 package earns you $1 for each position filled in your matrix.
The $149 package earns you $3 for each $149 purchase in your matrix.
The $399 package earns you $7 for each $399 purchase in your matrix.

There is no referring needed in order to earn commissions.

Refer one, and it opens up the whole matrix for more earnings.

If you do not refer people the max you earn is $900 per month.

If you do refer people there are no limits on the matrix commissions.

You will earn affiliate commissions from your downline for each level.

OD Affiliate Commissions (Unilevel)

Matching Bonus (override on your personally sponsoreds’ affilaite income)
Level 1 is 25%.
Level 2 is 10%.
Level 3 is 5%.
Level 4 is 3%.
Level 5 is 2%

Keep in mind that referring is not required and you can earn $900 per month without referring anyone.

While the matrix earnings can be several thousand dollars per month that is peanuts compared to what you can earn. The main focus of this opportunity is Binary Options Trading. That is where the big money will be coming from.

Here is a quick diagram that Hitesh drew to help you understand the plan:

options domination diagram

While results may vary, EVERYBODY will earn.

**Join at the level that is right for YOU and your finances.

Join DSD before Options Dominations opens the flood gates, get activated at Pro level right now: and let us know you are keen for OD, we’ll get you all the info you need 😉



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