Today is The Day! DSD Options Domination Update – Don’t Miss This Webinar!

It’s official, DSD Options Domination is ready to launch and all details will be shared TONIGHT or today if you are downunder 😉

options domination loginThe private company webinar will be held at 9pm EST – everyone should have got their link via email by now. Only active DSD members will be on this webinar.

If you have not received your registration link, please email us for instructions (info[at]

If you were in DSD in the past, get reactivated on Pro right now to get the insider information on the webinar.

As a customer, not doing any recruiting at all, there is potential to make $200 to $900 a month…just for joining the OD compensation plan.

If you get your links out to a couple of people who join…..the income potential is much, much greater!

Here is what you need to do:

Inactive DSD members go to and reactivate your Pro Membership. Ask us for your webinar link if you don’t get it. (info[at]

If you are a person who has never joined here is a link for you: Ask us for your webinar link if you don’t get it. (info[at]

There is still time to get in before OD launches and everyone get’s their affiliate links out!

IF you run into an issue with registration send in a ticket to support here.

If you want to wait until Options Domination has launched, here is the link for you: – this link will be redirected to our OD sign up link as soon as we get them issued.

Please don’t be late logging on to the webinar – this is by far the most important webinar the company has ever delivered and it will fill up fast! Get on at least 1 hour prior to ensure you don’t miss out.

Yes it will be recorded….but if you want to get your questions answered and be the first to get your links out – be on the call today!


DSD Options Domination team link

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