DSD Options Domination is Nearly Here! Are You Ready?

You may have already heard the buzz about the Options Domination program that DSD are about to launch.

DS Domination has partnered with a trading platform to launch Options Domination.

You don’t need to recruit, you don’t need to sponsor and….you don’t need to know a THING about binary options trading.

binary option trading ds dominationYou just need to have an active memebrship with DS Domination (from as little as $20 per month) to retain your original position in DS Domination.

Hitesh has been carefully testing and programming the system and he is getting close!

The options program is incorporated into a matrix system….all active DSD members will be exported into Hitesh’s unique matrix and that’s when the fun starts!

To be included in the first import of members, all you need to do is ensure that you are active on at least the PRO membership level ($20) and to get even more of an income boost, get your DSD affiliate link out to as many people as you can.

We have a whole heap of inactive team members who couldn’t or didn’t want to do the eBay/Amazon side of DSD – this new program is perfect for them!
If you have not joined at the pro level yet, sign up here:

If you have previously created a DSD account, simply go to and sign in to activate your membership. If you have forgotton your password, just click the “Forgot Password” link.

Activating your account NOW instead of waiting until after Options Domination has launched means that you will be placed ABOVE all the new members joining.

Did you know that DSD now has close to 100,000 members! It certainly won’t take months to fill up a matrix and start paying out to the members!

Here is what Hitesh has had to say recently regarding Options Domination. He has said publicly that it will launch around Mid-Jan so that is a week or less away.

In answer to all the questions I’ve been getting:

Yes, today was NFP (non-farm payroll) announcement, yes I did trade it and generated a 21% increase on the account.
No, I don’t believe End of day trades are wise for NFP with binary options (I will cover why this is in OD). I only trade corrections on major announcements for those who asked about it.

Now I’d mentioned how Binary Options are merely the beginning step. Once you start growing your accounts, and move on to REAL MARKETS (like futures trading on commodities), there is a whole lot more possible.

Here is the trading from just 1st December 2014 to 4th Jan 2015. Keep in mind, proof of past performance is not guarantee of future returns.

In DSD, we flow from dropshipping/arbitrage, to increasing profits, to increasing cashback, to finally selling your own items. You grow in your reach and market involvement with each step.
In OD, we flow from simple technical binary trades, to bigger fundamental trades, to real market trading, to wealth protection and long term investment assets. All the while the RTML built into OD (Real Time Matrix Loop) keeps generating $ for our customers too!

If you’re excited, all you need to do is focus and get your DSD side of things BOOMING, because very soon, we will be importing you and all of your downline into Options Domination.

dsd options domination trading

Please pay close attention to the last paragraph from Hitesh. It’s time to get your ” DSD business booming”. In other words. Spread the word about DSD. Sharing it with struggling friends and family, and building a downline. It will benefit you for life.

If you are still unsure of who and what DSD is, check out the videos on our YouTube channel:
Or watch the latest webinar with Roger:

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