The BIG Corp Webinar Replay [or The Event That You Do Not Want to Miss]

So you may know or not know this……we live in Australia, a loooong way from your local Walmart’s and Amazon charges ridonkulous money to send us cool stuff that US people get for dollars.

We are also founding members of DS Domination (always will be). We have been plugging away at our DSD business for 2 years now.

It took us 4 MONTHS before we could sell on eBay USA. We sold a bunch of random stuff all over the 48 states – tools, bedding sets, BBQ’s, tables, shelves, mirrors, chairs…anything and everything we were taught in the training. We still have 100 positive feedback rating 🙂

Then we moved onto Amazon selling. We had a couple of items that were selling 10-15 times a day!! Amazon only pay every 2 weeks – so don’t make our mistake of having poor cashflow when you have a hot seller! But those 2 weekly deposits from Amazon were AWESOME because #exchangerate 🙂

During this time, we have been sharing the training with hundreds of people from all over the world. I loved checking my emails and messages each day and welcoming a new person into the team. DSD is such a great company and concept, it is so easy to ‘recruit’ (still hate that word!)

In 2014 the Genesis training launched and it gave us a massive long-term business vision that we have been working towards. (Having our own internationally branded product line selling on Amazon.)

We have been importing from China for a few months and selling on eBay in Australia, while we save up for our big order to send into Amazon in the US. We also started a business with another company to import electrical parts into Australia. Something we NEVER would have considered before DSD.

Things have been going pretty well.

Then this happened:

Then this: DS Domination event orlando

I am soooo excited!!!!

If you watch the video to the end hopefully you will be as excited as me!

I’ll re-cap…..
At the upcoming event in Orlando Florida at the end of October, instead of getting numb bums watching a stage full of happy people for hours on end, the company owners Kevin & Hitesh are arranging for attendees to visit local shopping centers and warehouses to go shopping. Wow.

But wait there is more….

Using our DSD mobile app, we will be able to very quickly scan items and determine if the item is selling on Amazon for a profit….if it is, we clear the shelves and take our goodies back to the event and start wrapping and packing the items to send into Amazon.

We can even get it listed on Amazon whilst still out shopping!

And guess what? Once we have done it once, we can do it again and again anytime we want! Not really US because we’ll be flying Qantas back down under 🙁 But you can!

Do you need to own our Genesis program before the event? No!
Do you even need to be a DSD member before attending the event? No – just enter our username as your referrer when you buy a ticket – georgerobinson
Do you HAVE to live in the US to learn this method? No, there’s this thing called online shopping…..

DSD is moving into the next phase (I think there is about 15 of them) and concentrating more on Amazon selling that EVERYONE can do.

And there’s more to come….I got a sneak peek at what is being announced at the event and I am even more excited! That’s why I am currently renewing my passport, arranging a babysitter and booking time off work. We are traveling half way across the world to be there!

If you have not joined DSD in the past because of eBay issues, or the comp plan was not attractive enough or you dropped out – you may want to join up again.

We are actively going to build our international team HUUUGE in DSD, we are more motivated than ever to share this incredible company with everyone who has ever tried to sell shakes, or magic tea or holiday packages.

We would love to have you join us at the event as our guest ! Check out the full itinerary here: and purchase your tickets at the discounted price. Don’t forget to enter our DSD username as your referrer – georgerobinson

If you are planning on being there, reply to this email and let us know!

If you can’t make it, you can still join and get the updates through our private team group. Or share this email with someone who you think would suit this business (anyone who can shop!)

Always be learning….invest in yourself and reach your goals quicker!


P.S If you have not already joined DSD and you are motivated to learn new skills and meet a great community of like-minded people in the eCommerce industry, then use this link to get started right now: and I will send you my special team training resources to get you started asap.


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