DS Domination Updates and Pro Training Webinar

webinar blankFirst of all, there is a Pro training webinar starting soon for existing members, please register using the link in your back office: Training >> Pro >> Live Training it starts at 8pm EST on Thursday 26th May.

Featuring DSD legends Dion Jaffe and Nathan Van Tuyl!

If you have not joined DSD yet, use this link to join: If you want to reactivate your old account and your old sponsor is no longer active (please check first) then you can create a new account using this link but you must use a different username and email address.

If you have missed the posts in our Facebook group recently, here are the latest updates from Carly and the DSD team:

DSD Updates May 25:

The migration of our system is now complete and we are now upgrading all of our users to the new platform. As stated earlier, we are aiming to have this complete by June 1 (and appears we will meet the deadline comfortably).

Known issue: if you update the price goal for an existing listing you will not see an instant update in price. This currently places you in a queue with other price updates.

Workaround: If you would like to update a price immediately please enter a new goal and update existing listing manually.
Fix ETA: 25th May 9pm EST.

DSD Updates May 22:

As promised yesterday we have an update, Tracking & Management is back on track ( I have personally changed the profit on 4 listings and verified the change on eBay) We are now done with the majority of the background work and the email management system will be resolved relatively soon (due to the weekend). Will update you again early next week. Have an amazing Weekend everyone!!

DSD Updates May 20:

Hey everyone! Over the last week we have been upgrading and deploying a new listing, tracking, and fulfillment engine. While there were some hiccups with this deployment, you will now enjoy some significant benefits from this:

– Faster price/stock updates frequency
– Automated bulk listing
– Even stronger optimization techniques
– Social Signals integration for ranking boosts

– Ending listings (this occurs when our system is notified that your item is in stock but below a certain threshold. Meaning, it is at a high sellout risk. We have now disabled this as in many cases the item is restocked before running out).

We will be rechecking and automatically activating any such ended listings. We are also doing away with the min. stock threshold setting due to this reason.

The known issues that may occur during this transition are:

– Lack of notifications on price updates – since we have just migrated to a new email management system you may notice absence of notifications on price updates being done. This has also been corrected.

We expect to complete the remaining migration points and release this new system on June 1 along with new training updates and an extra surprise bonus!


If you have outgrown the DSD Pro training and are looking to upgrade to the next level of the DSD Elite training, I would recommend looking into INFINii first.

For $50 on the Prime level you will get the best of all of the DSD training including lots of Amazon training. You can join us using this link here: and I’ll send you out a welcome email. Just remember to cancel your DSD membership.

Otherwise, if you are happy staying with DSD, it looks like they have lots of improvements to come and DSD is still an awesome starting point for your eCommerce journey! We are and always will be loyal founding members of DSD and you can count on us to provide support when you need it 🙂FB group event

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