DS Domination Genesis is Live! Amazon (FBA) Drop Shipping Training

The brand new Genesis training is now available to purchase from DS Domination!

dsd genesis domination

For existing DS Domination members, go to the Genesis tab in your members area and purchase the membership which is now $1497. If you are not an existing DSD member, you can purchase Genesis through this link:

dsd genesis ds domination fba

If you are not an existing DS Domination member, sign up here: – if you don’t want to purchase the basic Pro training for $19.95 (highly recommended) simply add a random credit card to join as a free member.

dsd las vegas event

What Is DSD Genesis?

Have you heard of FBA – Fulfilled by Amazon?

You simply purchase a supply of certain stock – wholesale, and get it sent to Amazon’s warehouses in the US. They catalog it and fulfill the online orders. You manage the listing from your sellers dashboard. See Amazon’s documentation here.

The DSD Genesis training takes all the hard work out of figuring that stuff out by yourself! Other training companies are charging four times as much for this information!

Roger Langille explains what Genesis is in this video:

You can purchase Genesis right now using this link:

Hitesh Juneja, Roger Langille and Kevin Hokoana – DSD owners take the stage:

roger kevin hitesh ds domination event

kevin hitesh roger dsd owners

Yes we got to meet the elusive Hitesh! The monster programmer behind the DSD machine.

hitesh juneja ds domination

Hitesh had this to say about the success that DSD members are having:

“Hugs and other people’s success won’t magically make you successful. Buying all the products is not the answer. Go at your own pace!”.

Meaning only YOU have the power to be a success. You don’t even need a good sponsor in this business!

“Gensis is going to be amazing. BUT don’t upgrade to it unless you are doing Elite monthly.”

Get the basics sorted, get experience and confidence in Pro & Elite before you join Genesis.

PS. DS Domination now has over 70,000 membership accounts!

DS Domination just keeps giving!

The generous DS Domination owners gave away a free car to Steve Guthrie, a very hard working man in a wheelchair, who had traveled 15 hours by bus to get to the DSD event because his life had been changed by DSD.

He’s not a top earner or a master recruiter, he has just decided that DSD was the vehicle to change his life, and he took action!

steve guthrie fee DSD car

dsd event

Our personal experience with DS Domination has been incredible!

The reason we are not so active on this blog any more, or even recruiting is because we are so busy listing on Amazon & eBay and fulfilling orders! We were a bit slow off the mark as we had international restrictions, but we are fast catching up and as of yesterday, we now qualify for instant PayPal payments!

We truly believe, the new DSD Genesis training will multiply our current sales – so exciting!

We were unable to attend this event but will definitely be at the next!

Stay tuned for “DSD Supremacy” updates!

dsd supremacy

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