Introducing DS Domination Genesis – How to Sell with FBA ‘Fulfillment By Amazon’

DS DominationDS Domination has been around for 11 months, and we have been proud and loyal members since the day it launched, on the 24th August 2013.

If you don’t know what DS Domination is, it’s that company that trains people how to drop ship from one retail giant to another – eBay.

For just 20 bucks, people were able to start their own drop shipping business online, with no special online marketing or recruitment skills needed.

The testimonials were incredible, so many success stories from people all around the world simply following the training and taking action. (Taking action is an important step!)

Even though we are also affiliates for the company, we have followed the training very closely and have attended nearly every weekly training webinar since the start.

We have been successfully drop shipping on eBay US and Amazon US from our home in Australia since the beginning of the year.

Takes a bit longer and a few more hurdles to jump for international members but it’s worth it!

Introducing DSD Genesis

But you are here because you want to know more about Genesis – the brand new training that DS Domination launched at their June Event in Las Vegas.

Genesis is the step by step training on how to become an Amazon seller and use FBA to sell your own branded products on auto pilot.

Your own products?

Yes, from China or a US wholesaler. You can even learn how to identify Amazon hot sellers in your local Walmart!

Sounds scary?

It’s not. The DSD Genesis membership gives you all the tools training and support you need to build a multi-million dollar international eCommerce business over the next 12 months.

The training supplies you with absolutely EVERYTHING you need to build this great business.

You don’t need a website, blog, a merchant account, email list, or anything else!

There’s no better online business opportunity right now than selling real products on Amazon.

Want to learn more? Here is the launch video for Genesis (20 minutes):

You do NOT have to own any of the other DS Domination training products in order to purchase Genesis, simply purchase the Genesis training here:

We’ll send you out a welcome email and add you to our team FB group and Genesis group.

Not quite ready for Genesis? Start slow on Pro:

dsd genesis fba training


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