Can You Do The Genesis (Fulfillment by Amazon) Training in Australia?

The short answer – YES!

We have been founding members of DSD Domination since the company launched on the 24th August 2013.

We live in Australia, and with the help of the incredible company owners; Roger Langille, Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja we were able to successfully start our dropshipping business with (USA) and (USA).

Being international DS Domination members, there are a few extra hurdles you need to jump. We outlined some of them here.

Drop shipping on eBay is the core training at DS Domination and it is a skill we have learnt for life.

In June 2014, DS Domination launched their long awaited FBA training – Genesis. We jumped straight in and are so excited to be part of this massive international import/export eCommerce business!

How to sell with FBA from Australia

How to Start an FBA Import Business in the US, From Australia, Using Chinese Suppliers

This is how it works if you live in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else that does not have an Amazon with fulfillment centres.

1. Purchase the Genesis training here ==>>

2. Study the training. Watch every video then go through the videos and watch them again.

3. Set up your Amazon Sellers account. It will cost $39.95 per month to get an Amazon store and you are paid every 2 weeks to your local bank account in most countries

Sellers with a bank account in a country supported by Amazon can be paid directly into their local bank account in United States Dollars (USD), Great British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), Australian Dollars (AUD), New Zealand Dollars (NZD), Indian Rupees (INR), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) and Canadian Dollars (CAD). Sellers are also able to use a U.S.-based checking account to receive payment for sales on,, and

If you don’t reside in a country supported by Amazon, you can apply for a Payoneer card and set up the US Payment Services functionality. Use this bank account number in your Amazon sellers dashboard and you will get paid directly into your global debit card.

4. Start researching items on Amazon. Use the Sales Spy tool to spy on competitors and find out how many sales per day they are getting.

5. Start researching items from China using the suppliers in the training.

6. Communicate with Chinese suppliers as taught in the training. Receive quotes and decide on a supplier. Optional – get a sample sent to the DSD reps in China.

7. Send in branding to fully ‘own’ the products. (it’s all in the training.)

8. Pay for order and arrange for products to be shipped to our DS Domination international fulfillment center in the US. Get DSD reps in China to oversee. You MAY need to create a local DHL account and for this you will need an Australian Business Number (ABN) which is very easy to get.

9. Create your listing on Amazon using the techniques in the training.

10. Shipment will be received by DSD reps in the US, duties & taxes paid and products checked, labelled and picked up by Amazon’s cheap UPS service.

11. While waiting for Chinese shipment to arrive, study the Genesis US training and research the approved US suppliers. There are lots to choose from in the training. They know DSD and some will even give a discount on your first order.

12. Decide on an item and US supplier and place an order. Get your items labelled with your branding as per the training. Arrange for Amazon to collect them directly from the wholesale company.

13. Wait for an exciting email from Amazon to say that they have received your shipment and they have been logged into the system.

14. Submit a Launch My Product form in your Genesis members area. DSD will send traffic your way until you have 3-10 sales. They have the entire DS Domination membership database ready to drop ship YOUR products on eBay so this should not be too hard.

15. Get friends and family or DSD team mates to write some reviews as taught in the training.

16. Drive traffic to your listings as taught in the training.

17. Watch your Amazon rankings creep up and the sales come flooding in. Amazon takes care of all the shipping, returns and customer service for you – yay.

18. Receive your first Amazon payment into your Australian bank account. Save some of it to re-invest into more stock.

19. Before you go out of stock, place another order with your suppliers. Rinse & repeat, adding new product lines to your store if needed.

20. Quit your job and move to your dream house / location / island.

Before you start with number 1, join our Genesis team ==> and get to know the rest of the team in our Facebook Group.

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