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The Magic Solution to Getting More Website Traffic?


That’s the number 1 thing I get asked about from business owners. Online or brick & mortar – everyone has a website that they want to drive traffic to.traffic authority website

“How do I get traffic to my website?”
“How do you get so much traffic to your website?”

Here is my secret…….


And content.

Lots of content.

It has taken years to build up our content online – YouTube videos, blogs, Facebook pages, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, email newsletters… takes so much time each day to constantly update and manage our online profiles (I have a few time saving tricks).

We have so much content out there which over time has become ranked quite well on Google.

But what is working for me – loads of organic (free) leads each day from Google, does not work for other people who are just starting out online and it is frustrating!

To make things easy for team members, I help with landing pages, email follow up automation and putting the funnel together BUT to fill the funnel you need……TRAFFIC.

I’m cheap, I don’t often pay for any kind of advertising (apart from the occasional Facebook Ad). I get most of our leads from YouTube videos and blogs….but the feedback I have received lately from team members is that they would rather PAY for instant, reliable traffic¬†than do what I have done. And they do, there are TONS of people out there spending HUGE $$$$$ for solo ads that result in a 1-2% sale rate. (Which is not a good ROI by the way)

I understand. When I start explaining my content marketing methods to people, I can imagine their eyes glazing over. “It’s too technical, time consuming and competitive to drive targeted traffic to their landing page or website. Isn’t there an easier way?

My upline in DSD who I trust and respect shared this with me and I am chomping at the bit to see the results from the paid traffic.

The company is called Traffic Authority and they have just launched. The reason I am excited about this traffic company and not the other 50 that I have seen over the past couple of years is that I know the people behind it are responsible for building up some of the biggest network marketing companies that I know of. They are experts when it comes to targeted, premium traffic.

I trust that the traffic they send to my DSD landing page are real people that are looking for an online business.

Of course, time will tell and until they turn on the traffic taps over the next week, we won’t know for sure what the ROI is – a group of us are testing it.

Sign up for free using this link: and you will hear from me soon.

As it is a new company and they want to get the word out, a lot of the training so far is about promoting the company, (yes you can join as a reseller and share your link in exchange for commission) but soon it will be a one-stop shop for advanced online marketing, and on-demand traffic co-ops.

I missed out on the recent DSD co-op and have been searching for an alternative.

Send me an email – if you have any questions, or go ahead and create your free account right now to keep in the loop.

As it is still launching, you can join for free and access the training but not for much longer. Purchasing the traffic packs is extra and you can send the traffic to promote your primary business, secondary business or even promote Traffic Authority as a standalone online business.

I can’t wait to expand my DS Domination team and take on the big boys and girls in DSD! If a busy working mum of 3 in Australia can do this, so can you!

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