How to Transfer Connections Between Google+ Accounts

Have you ended up with 2 or more Google accounts? Here is how you can merge your Google+ circles and connections into one account.

How to Transfer a Google+ Personal Account to a Business Account or Vice Versa

Many of us have created multiple Google accounts, either through an existing Gmail account, a Google Apps account for a past job position or a change of personal or business brand.

Along the way, we collect hundreds of connections in our Google+ ‘Circles’.

I created my first Gmail/Google+ account about 4 years ago, based on a business I had at the time. In the last year I have been simplifying my ‘brand’ into a more personal brand and it always annoyed me that I has so many connections in my old G+ account, and very little in my new account.

Now we have a way to transfer/merge our connections into just 1 account.

The secret tool is called Google Takeout. The main function of Google Takeout is to download your account settings and data, but it also can be used to facilitates a transfer.

To initiate a transfer, first sign out of all Google accounts and log into the account that you want to transfer OUT of.

Then go to Google Takeout

Select the Transfer icon as shown in the picture below, to transfer your Google+ connections to another account.

Download your Google data

After confirming the Source Account, you are asked log in and confirm the Destination Account.

Transfer Google Plus Accounts

Your circles and other connections will be transferred in 7 days and during the transfer, you have limited functionality on Google+ in both accounts.

Please note: Only your Google+ circles and connections will be transferred. The Google+ profile associated with the Source Account will still exist so it is a good idea to go into your About page on your old Google profile and remove your personal information and profile photo. Put up a post directing people to your new G+ profile.

This will lessen the chance of new connections finding your old account. Once the transfer is complete you are now safe to delete your old Google+ account.

Let us know if this works for you!

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