The Best Banner Advertising Sites to Promote Your Online Business

How to Use Banner Advertising to Promote Your Business

Banner advertising

Banner advertising can be very effective way to advertise your home based or online business if you have an appealing graphic and a strong call to action.

Banner ads are also known as display ads or image ads, and are very popular online. Most sites you visit will have some kind of banner advertising space in the sidebar, footer or header area.

When done properly, banner advertising is a cost-effective way to attractively display promotional products or services which leads to an increase in brand recognition and ad targeting.

First of all you need to create a banner graphic.

They can be static (.jpg or .png file) or animated (.gif file).

You can get banners designed very cheaply by using the services of these recommended sites:

Fiverr (beware – you get what you pay for!)

Or design yourself using Canva or Picmonkey.
To order the graphics you need to know what words you want on the graphic, and colors and background etc. Study other banners and decide on strong call to action words, for example: “Click Here”, “Get Started Now” “Find Out More”, “Join Today”.

Match the color of the banner to the website, product or service you are promoting to ensure consistent branding. Most graphics providers will allow you to make a couple of changes before you are given the final files.

If possible, ask for the design files, if you have Photoshop you can make miner edits to the wording or background to create a new graphic without paying for a graphic designer to make the changes.

Banner graphics come in a range of sizes, for example:

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
250 x 250 Square
240 x 400 Vertical Rectangle
336 x 280 Large Rectangle
180 x 150 Rectangle
300 x 100 3:1 Rectangle
720 x 300 Pop-Under
Banners and Buttons
468 x 60 Full Banner
234 x 60 Half Banner
88 x 31 Micro Bar
120 x 90 Button 1
120 x 60 Button 2
120 x 240 Vertical Banner
125 x 125 Square Button
728 x 90 Leaderboard
160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
120 x 600 Skyscraper
300 x 600 Half Page Ad


Next Step: Find a Banner Advertising Site

There are lots of free or cheap banner advertising websites, you can even start by finding a popular blog in your niche and asking the site owner if they offer banner advertising.

For example, find an Online Marketing blog and ask if you can place a banner advert for your business. Always check their Alexa rating to ensure that the site is getting a high enough traffic count.

Free or Cheap Banner Advertising Sites

We recommend these banner advertising sites to begin with:



Buckets of Banners

IBOextra Banner exchange

IBOToolbox also has a banner advertising option.  Advertising credits can be purchased or earned by actively participating on the site.

All of the sites above are free to join.  You can advertise your own banners for free by either placing some banner exchange code on your website, or by viewing a certain amount of banners/websites per day. The Banner Exchange Programs require you to have your own website that you can place banner code on. You can upgrade to a premium subscription to get higher views of your banners but we recommend you start with a free account.

It is very easy to join a banner exchange program, simply go to any of the above sites and they will walk you through their particular process. The advantage of joining a banner exchange program is it is a free way to get other sites to post your banner ads. The disadvantage is that you give up a lot of control over where your ads are posted and what ads are posted on your site.

If you want to start banner advertising in a short amount of time (and don’t want to pay for it) then start with a banner exchange program.

Paid Banner Advertising Platforms

For premium banner advertising sites that allow you to spread your ads across a collection of websites check out the following sites (if you have the budget!):

  • Google Adwords – Display ads on websites within the Google Content Network based on keywords and demographics.
  • Yahoo! Advertising – Very similar to that of the Google Content Network, Yahoo! Advertising allows you to place your banner ads on websites across their wide network.
  • AdRoll – AdRoll claims to be the most effective retargeting platform in the world. They utilize the powerful Facebook Exchange platform so well worth a try.
  • BuySellAds – Browse thousands of websites to advertise on selecting the website and ad position of your choice. Currently limited to web design and development website ad publishers.
  • Commission Junction – Commission Junction provides a large network of ad publishing websites from which you can connect with to display banner ads on websites, e-mails, RSS feeds, and more.
  • ValueClick Media – With a huge network of ad publishers, ValueClick Media provides a good platform for any advertiser on any level.
  • AdOn Network – The AdOn Network provides innovative ways to target banner ads, one of which is based on a users browsing history.
  • Project Wonderful – Use the Project Wonderful search engine to browse an array of publishers to quickly get your banner ads up and running.
  • Ad Brite – Ad Brite offers the traditional method of purchasing banner advertisement spots (a flat monthly fee), however they also allow you purchase pay per click banner advertisments.
  • Fusion – Fusion is a great ad network within the web design and development genre with three distinctive advertising options.
  • DoubleClick – DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a real-time digital ad marketplace that connects publishers with agencies, ad networks and third-party technology providers.

How to Make Your Links Trackable

Before you start any kind of online marketing campaign, make sure your affiliate/business links are trackable so that you can measure how many clicks your link got. Create a tracked link for EACH campaign, it may be for the same site but different banners, or different sites with the same banners.

You should always split test different banners and sales copy to find out which combination performs the best.

An easy way to create trackable links is to create a free account on IBOToolbox and use the IBOurl tool. Simply paste in your usual promoter link to create a shortened and trackable link.  Every time your IBOurl link is clicked, the stats will update in your IBOToolbox back office.

The great thing about this tool is the links are dynamic, which means in your IBO back office, you can change the promoter link to something different, and the shortened links which you have posted around the internet will automatically switch over.

For example, earlier this year we changed companies and instead of people finding an old dead link, I changed the IBOurl link and now all of the links that were in old tweets and Facebook updates were redirected to our new company.

Another way to create a tracked link is to use a WordPress plugin on your WordPress website. We use a plugin called Pretty Links which turns ugly affiliate links into simple links which looks much prettier 🙂 There is a Pretty Links Pro version which allows you to cloak links, change urls and heaps more.

Banner ad best practices

  • Have a strong heading
  • Use creative copy
  • Display relevant content and images
  • Have a strong call to action
  • Limit one offer per ad
  • Optimize the file size
  • Use animations and motion
  • Blend in and compliment
  • Run more than one ad per campaign
  • Measure your success

Good luck and be sure to come back and let us know what banner ad site worked for you!

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