INFINii – Who Are the eCom Ninjaz and What Do They Have To Offer?

INFINii – Who Are The eCom Ninjaz? and
What Do They Have To Offer Me?

We get a lot of questions daily from people directly to us and also to our awesome team members asking,

why should we join your INFINii team?

Short Answer:

INFINii is a company that provides training, tools and done for you services to make you money online from home (This is eCommerce) – And we as a team are made up of MANY people from all over the world who are very successful in eCommerce, from beginners to people doing well over 100K and they all love to help! So if this is something you want to succeed at, then there is no better place than right here with our Awesome Ninjaz Team!


The Long Answer:

For the longer answer, check out these 4 main points below…

1. Support – We Don’t Just Pretend…

Unlike many other companies, teams and people, we take support very seriously! And have in fact setup very successful support systems for other online companies non network related.

A customer support person with headset and laptop surrounded by the words Get HelpWe know that for our leaders to be successful they need to get their teams to be successful, we can help this by getting their questions answered accurately and FAST and that is for BOTH customers and affiliates!

Here is what we currently offer of teams in the way of support:

  1. Facebook Group: Currently we have over 700 people in here getting a TON of information, this is being managed by a few great leaders from different timezone’s who are all experts on the eCommerce and affiliate side. This is a VERY active group that also had a heap of helpful files, videos and images for both training and marketing!
  2. eCom Ninjaz Email Updates: Keep up to date will all thing INFINii and all the new and exciting things that are happening with the eCom Ninjaz Team to help you grow your business.
  3. Email Support
  4. Skype Support
  5. Getting Started Training: Lots of simple, no fluff getting started and how to videos and documents to get you and your teams profitable ASAP!
  6. Weekly Team Webinars: – Latest updates and then a Q & A session – EVERY WEEK!
  7. Weekly product training webinars: We are also about to start specific new customer focused training
  8. Support Ticket System: We are building a simple support ticket and FAQ section in the new Team Marketing System

So on top of the company managed support ticket system and forums I believe we have support covered…

2. Solid History With the Company

Our Team is lead by 4 of the original 150 founding members that helped create DS Domination.

Man Hand writing Building Solid Relations For Lasting Success with black marker on visual screen. Business, technology, internet concept.Over that time we have had the opportunity to meet and get to know the owners Hitesh, Keven, Jason and the rest of the corporate team very well, and are VERY happy to be working with them closely to share their amazing vision with the world!

3. FREE Marketing System

For people who are looking to participate in the INFINii Partner Program (affiliates) and build a team to generate even MORE income, we have the following to offer our teams.

INFINii and Team Ninjaz Online Marketing SystemMarketing System:
This Marketing System is custom built specifically for our INFINii Teams. And although it has a TON of really cool features for both beginners and advanced marketers, the basics can be used with little, or even no previous experience in online marketing and can be setup and working in only a matter of a few minutes.
This will be the BEST marketing system in the company!

Here is a few of the many features our team marketing system has:

  1. High converting lead capture pages: Continually being split tested and optimized (all done for you).
  2. High converting Pre-written autoresonder email series (all done for you).
  3. Simple to use Invite System
  4. Superior Tracking and analytic’s: Makes for smart marketing. Create new links for each of your marketing efforts so you can track their performance and expand on what is working the best for you
  5. Broadcast Emailer: For important team updates, and or new announcements
  6. Contact Leader Manager: Where you can easily find important details of all your leads and team members
  7. Event calendar: Set to YOUR time zone, so you will never miss another important company or team webinar, meeting or any other important deadline.
  8. Support Ticket System and FAQ section
  9. INFINii Resources: Documents, Videos and audio files of presentations and training on all things INFINii, done by both Team Ninjaz and INFINii.
  10. Other Marketing Material: Banners, example Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn posts. Images for Pintrest, Instagram and Tumblr….
  11. Marketing Training: Youtube, Facebook, Pintrest etc… Find one you like then learn to dominate it with our extensive training!
  12. Marketing Training Guests: Learn from some of the industry leaders who will be doing training webinars with our teams.
  13. Webinar presentation Invite system: Have your own webinar presentation that you can invite guests to, all pre-codded with your links
  14. Marketing Co-op’s: Want to build your team even faster? join in some of our paid marketing co-op’s where we have hired professionals to run cost effective marketing campaigns for us
  15. Plus a whole lot more!

4. Who are We?

Merrin and George Robinson:
Merrin and I joined DS Domination as founders back in Aug 2013. We love the business and have also grown to love the people in the business, owners and team members alike. We have learned a TON of great skills from this company that no one will ever be able to take away, and really enjoy helping others to learn and grow also.

We are a family of 5 currently living in Australia, Merrin and I plus our 3 beautiful girls.
Robinson girls
While we have been growing our DS Domination eCommerce business over the past few years by selling items on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Facebook and Google… Merrin has been also contracting to a company in Australia helping to train their international customer base on how to market effectively using all the major social media platforms. Along with eCommerce this is also something she enjoys doing, and does it well!

I have been building a company with another couple of business owners in Australia where we are manufacturing and importing electrical items like LED lighting for their commercial clients. This has been great and has helped educate me a lot about offshore manufacturing, importing, branding, marketing, eCommerce and LED Lighting : ) – DS Domination has been a HUGE help in building this business!

George Merrin Robinson1Now both Merrin and I are full time growing our INFINii business; we are hands on with every part of this business which makes it real easy to provide quick and accurate support for all of our people, we have also a very strong team of international leaders which means our members are able to get help 24/7!
INFINii and DS Domination are the only 2 businesses we have seen where everyday people can build a solid income without selling anything to friends or family.
We have tried many other work from home businesses in the past, so we have seen this first hand, over and over.

Affiliate Marketing:
If you are interested in building a team in INFINii we are here to help you also. Over the years we have done a few online businesses (more than we would like to admit), and over this time we have built teams well into the 1,000’s. And one of the biggest things we have learnt from these previous businesses is to build deep, not wide.
Have we personally sponsored 100’s of people in INFINii? No
Could we? Yes, easily
Are we going to? No
We both get enjoyment from helping others to succeed, and we know we can help a lot more people by building deep.


5. Our Team is Global

INFINii and team Ninjaz are GLobal4INFINii is a Global company. You can build this business and grow your eCommerce income from pretty much anywhere in the world.

To join our Awesome Ninjaz Team and get all of the benefits above plus many more, simply select any of the successful leaders below:

There are a few things that can be different in your specific countries beside the obvious language issues, so teaming upo with a Ninja in your local area can certainly help!


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