Is Merch by Amazon the new FBA?

What Is Merch By Amazon?

In September last year, Amazon launched Merch by Amazon, a new self-service program designed to help entrepreneurs and designers create revenue through the sale of branded t-shirts on the giant retail platform.

The best thing – there is virtually NO Start-up Costs! Unless you want to pay to outsource your designs, a few hours of your time on Photoshop can result in hundreds of dollars worth of sales in a very short amount of time.

“Designed by you and produced, sold and shipped by Amazon. With the print on demand service, you sell only the t-shirts your customers want to buy. You never have to worry about inventory or out-of-pocket costs. For every t-shirt sold, you earn a royalty. The more t-shirts sold, the higher the royalty is.”

Merch by Amazon is invitation only, with wait times between 1 week and 3 months depending on resources available. Amazon are deliberately keeping growth slow to keep up with demand on the printing machines and ensuring their shipping times are not increased and quality is high.

T-Shirts are currently the only print-on-demand products available through Merch by Amazon, but eventually this range will expand to include multiple branded merchandise products.

Recent changes to the Amazon platform have slowed the influx of novice FBA sellers, and experienced sellers are having to adapt quickly to the new system.  Luckily, we belong to a group of Amazon experts and are kept updated with the latest changes.  Merch by Amazon is certainly attracting a lot of FBA sellers!

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How to Get Started with Merch by Amazon

1. Register.
Fill in the form on this page and log in with your Amazon account – sellers account or customer, it does not matter. Do this step as soon as possible to allow for the wait times.

While you are waiting,

2. Start Learning.
Chris Green has a fantastic Udemy Course to help Merch sellers get started on the platform. Learn the basics of Merch, how to use Photoshop and how to brand your T-Shirt business.

3. Start Designing.
Use the PhotoShop templates to design your first T-Shirt designs. When you are approved, you will initially be allowed to upload 25 designs. When you sell 25 T-Shirts, you will be ‘tiered up’ to the next level – 100, then 500 and up. Research trending topics and keywords to find a good niche to start with.  You can start using Photoshop for $10 a month!

4. Upload Your Designs.
Once you are approved, upload your 4500px x 5400, 300DPI, transparent background PNG design (no larger than 25MB in size) and select your shirt colours and pricing. All t-shirt designs will be available to select in men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes. Men’s sizes range from S-3XL, women’s S-XL, and kids k4-k12.

5. Promote Your Designs.
Amazon customers will find your designs if you have done your research, but you can also promote your designs on social media, and other online marketing methods, free and paid.

6. Collect Your Royalties.
Amazon charge a 15% listing fee for all sales, plus their costs for printing and shipping the T-Shirt is a low $9.31.
If you are listing a shirt for $19.99, your costs and profits are as follows:

List price: $19.99
Listing fee (15%): 3.00
Amazon costs: $9.31

Your profit: $7.68

Not bad for time spent on 1 design, which could result is hundreds of sales!

You can set your own price – minimum $12.31 to cover Amazon’s costs.

You will be paid approximately 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which your T-Shirt’s sold. Payment can only be made to a seller’s bank account in approved countries. Sellers in other countries can use the Payoneer system to get paid.

What about Merch by Amazon Shipping Costs?

Merch by Amazon t-shirts will have the exact same shipping options available as any other item sold by Prime members receive free shipping – usually between 3-5 days at this stage. If a non-Prime customer spends more than $49 they receive free shipping. All other customers will have the option to purchase ground shipping or pay more for faster shipping.

If a non-Prime customer spends more than $49 they receive free shipping. All other customers will have the option to purchase ground shipping or pay more for faster shipping. Currently, Merch by Amazon only ships to customers in the United States.

Because Merch shirts are Prime items, they are ranked much higher than non-Prime shirts!

What Merch Shirts Sell Best?

According to Amazon, there are four categories of designs that work well:

  • Logos
  • Funny/ inside jokes
  • Character driven designs, typically doing something
  • Subtle designs that just look “cool” to non-fans, but a true fan will recognize it

They suggest creating at least one design for each category, see what works best for your customers! Rinse and repeat.

There are plenty of resources to draw inspiration from, just ensure that none of your designs are trademarked. Check the US Patent and Trademark Office website here:

If you are more of an entrepreneur than a designer, you can outsource your designs through Fiverr or Upwork.

What now?

We are patiently awaiting approval for our Merch account so that we can get started Merching! Like any long-term sustainable business, selling with Merch is not a get rich quick scheme but you gotta start somewhere 🙂  Don’t wait any longer, send in your Merch application today!

We have learnt a whole lot about selling on Amazon and product sourcing, spotting trends and knowing how to research what is selling using the training at INFINii. While you are waiting for your Merch invitation, study the Amazon training and get a basic understanding of the eCommerce world.

There are plenty of Merch FB groups you can join, we have one especially for Australian and New Zealanders who are interested in selling on Merch by Amazon, you can request to join here. All the Merch tips and tricks and resources I find online is posted in the group.

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Watch the Chris Green & Brian Burt Merch by Amazon Webinar Replays:

First webinar:

Second webinar:

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