Skype is a great free tool for communicating with people form all over the world.

skype_logoWe use Skype extensively within our business, not only for prospecting calls and online numbers, but for free instant communication messages between us and our team, and to connect with other leaders in our business for quick questions and advice.

We make the majority of our business calls on Skype, using Skype credit.  Calls to landlines can be very cheap to make, especially with a subscription, mobile phones a bit more expensive. If you are making local calls to mobile phones, perhaps invest in a mobile calling plan that gives you a certain amount of free minutes per month.

Make it as easy as possible for your international leads to call you back by purchasing online numbers in different countries.  When you are leaving a message, simply quote the number you have that is closest to them and it will be cheaper for them to call you back.

Skype online numbers are $80 each per year and they can all be forwarded to a mobile number to make your business truly mobile.  Have the choice to either answer with your computer and headset, or forward to a mobile or landline.  Bear in mind that if you are forwarding to another number, you will be charged for those calls so ensure you have Skype credit at all times.  We recommend an auto-recharge plan so that you don’t run out of credit half way through a call.

If you have an existing Skype name that is unusual or unprofessional, you may prefer to start a new Skype account with your business name as you will be advertising this in your email signature for example. Skype names cannot be changed, and online numbers cannot be transferred so choose carefully.

Ensure you have a professional voicemail message on either your Skype account or mobile if that is where your calls are transferred to.

Get Skype by going to

You may also want to set up a call recording program like Pamela or Call Note so that you may listen to your calls and improve on your prospecting.

Make sure you add us – search our Skype id: homebizsorted

Video on how to create a Skype account and download it to your PC.

Video on how setup your Skype and a brief overview on how to use it.

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