What Is INFINii? Launch Webinar Replay And Official Presentation Link

The INFINii launch webinar today was excellent; Hitesh, Kevin, John & Ken did a great job explaining the company, and the rewards plan. We will schedule a hangout very soon to go over questions.

Get the INFINii information pack here:

We have uploaded a condensed version of the webinar to Youtube, click below to watch it.

If you prefer to read information, you can download the official INFINii presentation pdf from here: Or click through the slide deck below.

Part of the INFINii training is how to find discount items in local store, scan them to see if they are selling at a profit on Amazon and wrap, pack and label them for UPS pick up. The are sent into Amazon’s warehouses and shipped out to customers.

While we were at the event we learnt this process from start to finish and tonight we received an email from Amazon to say one of our items had sold! Our very first FBA sale 🙂 has shipped the item you sold

If we can do it, you can do it too!

Please note: If you are in DSD and are not interested in INFINii, please IGNORE these emails and posts. A lot of our team are very happy to stay at DSD and won’t be joining INFINii which is absolutley fine! If you want to test the waters with DSD first, you can join for $20 right now –

Don’t get confused with all this, stay focused and keep listing 🙂

Once the members-only launch is over, we will only be sending INFINii info out to INFINii members and those who have requested it.

If you missed the full INFINii Review, you can read it here.

Email us if you have ANY questions!
infinii george and merrin stay focused

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