Quick Guide to the Amazon FBA eCommerce Business Model

ecom ninjaz amazonBrick and mortar retail giants Walmart and Kohls shutting up shop are huge indicators that the online world of eCommerce is thriving and there is no better time to join the booming industry.

Amazon is a platform that offers a level playing field to anyone motivated enough to learn how to create a long-term income from the eCommerce giant using FBA to manage orders – from shipping and inventory control to customer service and returns.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA, one of the booming industries to watch in 2016, is a buzz word or term being heard all over the internet at the moment. But it is trending for a very good reason.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), offers every day small business owners access to the power, reach, traffic and resources of the world leading e-commerce giant.

Business owners sell on their own online shop, but their inventory is stored within the huge Amazon fulfillment centers all over the US (and the world), where they are shipped out to customers by Amazon. This finely tuned system allows small business owners to have access to Amazon’s wide network, online traffic and search ranking, and as well as all of the amazing Amazon shipping benefits.

Are there Pros and Cons of Partnering with Amazon?

Helping small business owners and international eCom-preneurs to quickly grow a successful online business using the powerful Amazon FBA system comes at a cost, (as does everything in business!)

While it is possible to make some serious money within a short amount of time, selling on Amazon has some small upfront expenses also.

Selling fees, shipping and storage fee’s all need to be calculated before you start selling on your Amazon store.

Creating your own private-label brand and stocking your online shelves can also a big upfront cost.

Most importantly, the right training and support is also an essential investment expense that cannot be overlooked.

But you would find it hard to start any kind of eCommerce business without all 3 of those tools.

From our own personal experience, storing and shipping your own items comes at a bigger cost (as well as slower and more expensive shipping.) Having an inferior product to sell in a competitive online market is a business fail before you even begin and we can all agree that spending years learning on your own, and making mistakes is the long road to success.

Partnering up with the experts in e-Commerce training and having a trusted community support of thousands of successful eCom-preneurs across the globe is a sure way to reach your income goals faster than starting any other business in 2016. The INFINii eCom Ninjaz team of experienced and supportive e-Commerce professionals are here and waiting to help you get started today!

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