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What’s been happening with INFINii lately?

Last week we held a team hangout to walk you through all the team resources that you have access to as members of the eCom Ninjaz!

Here is the replay if you missed it:

We’ll be doing it again this Friday at 7pm EST (or 10am Saturday QLD) to cover the latest company updates and Q & A. We would love to have team members on the hangout with us to share their story of how they got started with INFINii – let us know if you want to join us! You will need a webcam and microphone to participate.

INFINii Company Updates

This was posted in the Facebook Group a few days ago:

Updates from Hitesh:

1. Real time SB reporting is now in place (Amazon approved this for us just 2 days ago!) –> Items that have add sales will show you each item’s sale, price, and the date of expected payout – We can confirm that this is working and we can see sales history for some of our items. In some cases, Amazon sales were higher than the original recommended retail price!

2. For Dot and Dash buyers in SB:
On the Dot and Dash, we actually just spoke with the company again yesterday since it is one of the bigger/pricier co-ops. They have a lot of product that has been stuck in queue over at amazon. From our side we spoke with the vendor and ordered the product + sent the payment pretty quickly. You will see the report including each item’s sale reported in your Springboard -> Reports section.

We are expecting Dash and Dot to do very well (we bought a lot internally as well) so just hang tight on that please. I’m also working on enabling notifications via email when your SB items sell so you don’t have to keep checking blindly.

3. We have lowered the requirements of ranks and moved infinity pay to Natl. Manager partners as well for March to May –> Please refer to the webinar for details. We have also INCREASED dual team payout caps.

4. Our users have crossed $25 Million in Ecom sales in the first 90 days of INFINii. Note I am ONLY referring to INFINii sales, NOT DSD included.

5. Amazon Tracking + Inventory Management + Repricer are active, tested, and in place under Prime > Tools > Amazon

6. The Product Research Has been updated to be even faster and to include ratings and reviews (and BSR coming) so you won’t need any outside tools for any research on Amazon again.

7. For Partners, there is Pending/Approved balance displayed under Partners > Reports > Income Stats. This is now set to a weekly cadence so you will see this updated immediately.

8. For Partners, we have created an ‘estimator’ that tells you how far you are from your next rank.
Please take a look here –>

Feb has less days than other months, but this past few days INFINii has absolutely exploded with growth all over the world… nearly 50 million views in just Feb!

You can now get all the training subtitled in Russian, German, Spanish, Indonesian (and more coming). You can also see the affiliate/partner links in multiple languages.

infinii alexa rank

There are 7 new training videos in the International tab in Prime – amazingly, the company has added the best Amazon drop shipping training videos from a $500 DSD products (Monopoly) and added it to our Prime membership so that International members who are struggling with eBay, can go straight over to Amazon!

Just be aware that Amazon pay every 14 days so you need cashflow to cover your sales.

INFINii Amazon Training

You will find all the Master Class recordings in the Prime training also. This week there is an International Master Class training with Bill, the registration link is not live yet. Time and date to be confirmed.

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