Last Chance to Secure Your INFINii Pre-Launch Position

Today marks 1 month since we arrived home from our trip to Orlando, Florida to attend the INFINii Launch event. The last 4 weeks have flown by since we got back to Australia and threw ourselves 200% into the INFINii Pre-Launch!
INFINii Australia Team
We had a good starting base of loyal DSDers from the last 2+ years as DSD team leaders but we were unprepared for how fast our team doubled, tripled and quadrupled in a matter of days and weeks!

Our private team Facebook group now has over 600 awesome members from all corners of the world, we have growing teams in Australia, New Zealand, India, Vietnam, Africa, Europe, Israel, UAE, UK, USA, Canada and South America.

Our team never seems to sleep – there is always someone up and keeping us company on FB chat or Skype 🙂

The Facebook group has become the go-to-source of the latest updates, affiliate tips and tricks, eCommerce training and every single question is answered by us or one of our helpful team members. It has been so great seeing everyone help, support and motivate each other in a family friendly drama-free and hype-free zone!

If you have already joined our INFINii team either under us or with member of our Team Ninjaz group, here is a quick timeline and action steps:

1. If you are planning on being an INFINii Partner then you need to purchase a membership level and Partner membership ($9.95) before the 10th December (EST). See the instructions here:

2. It is also the last chance to invite team members to join you in the pre-launch, see the instructions here: You can always send a link for people to join you when INFINii is live to the public.

3. INFINii customers (non-affiliates/Partners) are welcome to upgrade their accounts any time since they will not be taking advantage of the Binary income.

4. Complete your NDA document before you can access the Springboard Program. Instructions are in the first link. Springboard opens on the 10th December.

Please only purchase a level that fits within your budget. The higher level Excel offers more products and higher profit margins but you can always upgrade later.

If you have NOT joined us in INFINii yet and want to learn more, fill in your details here: and we will send you an invitation link that you can activate for free before the 10th Dec.

All our teams have access to our marketing system (version 2 will be out soon!), banners, affiliate resources – emails, example posts and we will run our affiliate co-ops once everything is up and running.

All of the above is FREE for our team members!

As always, you have access to the best team support within our group and George and I and our leadership team are always available if anyone needs extra coaching and support once things get going.

We are both growing and supporting our team full-time so you have access to us at all times during the day and most of the night 🙂

We are also updating all of our eCommerce training and tools to give to our team members who upgrade to a paid membership. Our active DSD members already have access to this.

All of our latest updates are in the FB group – please don’t request to join unless you have contacted us and are committed to joining our team.

Connect with us on Facebook:​ or

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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