INFINii Webinar: Here’s the EXACT Blueprint to $273/day (no more BS!)

If you have joined INFINii or are thinking about joining INFINii for the eCommerce tools and training, you do NOT want to miss this upcoming webinar starting at 9pm EST!

This week Kevin & Hitesh and the rest of the corporate team have introduced:

  • INFINii Market – where INFINii members can source quality products for dropshipping and Amazon FBA.
  • INFINii Vendor Program for INFINii members to introduce product manufacturers to upload their inventory to the INFINii Market.
  • INFINii Tracking software for checking your eBay listings for out-of-stock and price rises. Soon to be an Amazon and Bonanza version!
  • INFINii Private Coaching – one-on-one private coaching to scale your eCommerce business.
  • INFINii Network – new rewards plan, and upgrades to the INFINii Network system to include a blogging platform and custom capture pages!

Still to come is the launch of the INFINii Stores – a superior rival to Shopify, and the much awaited INFINii Digital Marketplace where you can buy and sell a variety of online courses, software and services!


Register for the webinar here:
(Still not sure what INFINii is and how you can make money?)

Here is the email we received today from corporate:

There are a gazillion liars out there today. That may sound a bit harsh but it’s the reality. Just hop on YouTube or Facebook and a thousand ‘experts’ show up with their hand out telling you they can ‘help you’ if only you’d pay them $1000, $1500, $5000, $10000…whatever it might be.

You know in your heart half of these guys are fakers, they show either false numbers, or conveniently leave out the ‘expenses’ of a business to make you think generating profits online is
as easy as paying them off. Again, you know deep inside most of these fakers were nobodies before, and are only afloat by mooching off people struggling to get their business going.

That all ends tonight. We’re going to hand you the exact business plan backed by nearly $200million worth of data that will make sure you NEVER have to be confused or wonder how to hit your goals.

We’re laying out the exact blueprint, down to an exact formula, and no, we aren’t going to be charging you for it at all!

This is going to be fully packed! Make sure you arrive well in time!

Endless possibilities begin with a plan,
~INFINiiINFINii eco-system

See you on the webinar!


eCom Ninjaz Team Leaders George & Merrin Robinson with the INFINii company owners Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja.


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