INFINii Updates November 18th from George and Merrin eCom Ninjaz

Latest INFINii Launch Updates

Wow what a day/night!

As usual, pre-launches don’t go to plan and this one is on hold now until Friday 8pm EST. See

The binary tree gremlins got the better of the developers and they needed to get things fixed before they let everyone in.

We had a lot of people from the US stay up to get their invitation links – hope you can all get some rest now!  I’m sure Hitesh and his team will be working around the clock to get this going for us all.

Thank you to everyone who emailed us with their confirmation that they want to join us in INFINii 🙂  Great to see so many familiar faces! We will continue to get back to each and every one of you.

200Our Facebook group has gone from zero to 215 members in the last week – well done everyone!  Was so lovely to see everyone so positive and friendly 🙂

If you have not been added yet, here is the link: please send a quick email or FB message so that we know to add you.

If you have already committed to join another team, please go back to them 🙂

This 2 day respite give us more time to get our team marketing system up and running, George has been working on that in the background whilst I have been managing the billions of messages 🙂 Love it!

We are working closely with the INFINii Operations Manager in Australia and will be lining up some webinars with her soon, once this crazy part is over.  We have a much better understanding of the rewards plan now, which we will be putting into a FAQ doc with some more Springboard information soon.

First commission run is on the 18th December.

Remember, if you are joining INFINii as a customer, you don’t need to join until December first when everything is working. This pre-launch period is for all the hard working affiliates to get the word out, so that more people join INFINii which means better buying power for our Springboard co-ops!

I know some people are getting very anxious about all these delays – but please look at the big picture. DSD was delayed when it first launched – the wait was excrutiating but it did not stop the show from going on.  INFINii WILL be launching in the next few days and it is up to you if you want to be part of the first 7-10 thousand members and go through some of the growing pains with the company, or wait until it is all clear on the 1st of December.

We have made some big rank goals in INFINii and personally we will be working hard over the next few weeks to achieve them.  We are quietly confident about some of the stars on our team who are beginning to step up 🙂

Just in case you did not receive it, here is the email from Kevin and the INFINii Commerce team:

End of phase one.

CONCLUSION: The phase two verification system is now live.

All pending invitations from phase one has been purged, this may have effected the binary placement. If you are a key leader from phase one and would like to review your binary structure, please contact us.

Phase two verification system is now live. Our key leaders are now verifying their binaries for the fastest build and the phase 2 invitation system will go live on Friday 8 p.m.Eastern Standard Time.

AS PER REQUEST: There will be no limits on the number of invitations per user in phase 2 of the pre launch.

To Your Massive Success.

INFINii Commerce



To get join our INFINii team simply click here: and reply to the email that you are sent. Let us know more about you 🙂

INFINii Video Playlist

Who are we?

George and Merrin Robinson 🙂 We are original founding members of DSD and have introduced over 600 people into DSD! We were honored to attend the recent event in Orlando to meet the owners and our team members.

Australian based with a worldwide team – we are looking forward to working with you 🙂INFINii-George-And-Merrin-Cheque-event

INFINii Team Bonuses

ALL of our team members will get the following bonuses when you join our INFINii team:

eCom Ninjaz Marketing Website with the following:

  • Custom Capture pages
  • High Converting Auto-Follow Up Emails
  • Custom Sales Pages
  • Banners
  • Affiliate training & resources
  • Step-by-step getting started guide to INFINii

Join the Team NInjazINFINii Team Support:

Our eCom Ninjaz Facebook support group is filled with hundreds of successful INFINii team members helping each other!

Our weekly team webinar is on each Saturday night EST US time or Sunday morning Australian time – links in the FB group.


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