INFINii Signal Forge Solutions Setup Easy Step by Step Guide

Need Help to Setup Your Signal Forge Account?

See this simple 6 step guide below, and if you want it even easier go here: and you will see these steps plus a video for each step that will walk though every process, simply look over my shoulder as I complete the entire process.

Easy Step by Step Signal Forge Guide

1 Create Your Signal Forge Brokerage Account:

If you are not a resident of any of the following countries; USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Malta, Iran, North Korea, Jersey, or Iraq, then click here to create your free, Signal Forge approved brokerage account:

It is Free to create your account here and you will also receive $10,000 in a test account to use while you are getting started.

You can fund your account at any time and start trading with real money. This is very simple and can be done via multiple payment options starting as low as $50.00. We do suggest using the test account first though, until you are comfortable with how it all works (the test account trades exactly the same as the real account).

Create your brokerage account today and get a $10,000 test account

2 Create Your INFINii Account:

Although you can create an account directly with Signal Forge, it is actually cheaper to go through INFINii.

This way YOU SAVE $50.00 per month and also get all the additional benefits from the INFINii membership which give you the opportunity to create multiple online incomes.

You only need the INFINii Prime Membership to get this discount.

Note: If you already have an INFINii Account, then you can skip this step and go straight to Step 3.

Get Started With INFINii Prime

3 Create Your Signal Forge Account:

Now that you have completed sets 1 and 2 above you now need to login to your INFINii Back Office and create your Signal Forge account.

Login to your INFINii Back Office here:

Then go to Add-ons—>Signal Forge—>Signup Link and fill out the form to create your account.

Signal Forge offers a no questions asked 7 day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the system you can request a refund. Beyond the 7 days you may cancel at any time.

Login to your INFINii back office to create your Signal Forge account

4 Create Your VPS Account:

While it is not strictly required, for auto-trading purposes, we strongly suggest investing in a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

This just means that your Signal forge system will run on a server in the cloud. This will help to improve latency issues (from slow internet connections) and means you do not have to worry about making sure your home computer is running 24/7…

This is the same VPS that we personally use and are very happy with. We have also made it very simple for anyone to setup and use.

Create your Signal Forge VPS account

5 Connect Your Accounts Together:

Now that you have setup your accounts correctly we now need to connect them together

First login to your Brokerage Account
and go to Trade—>My Account—>Settings—>API Token and create your token, then enter it in your SF back office under the Forge / Settings tab.

Next, set what systems you want to trade and the risk parameters for each system and your money management stop losses. Save, Refresh and you are done!

IMPORTANT Make sure you are only logged into your Signal Forge account on 1 browser on 1 computer. So if you have it running on your VPS (like we suggest) DO NOT Open it anywhere else, phone, home computer etc…

Connect your Signal Forge account to your Brokerage account

6 Connect Your Accounts Together:

Congratulations on making it to step 6! We hope you have been able to complete steps 1 to 5 above. but if you have had any problems, please do not be concerned, we are here to help. And the best place to get help 24/7 is in our Private Team Facebook Group

Our Private TeamNinjaz Signal Forge Facebook Support Group. is a great place to get support from other people who are all already using the system successfully. Because this is a Closed Group, anything posted in this group is only shown to people who are in this group.

To join the group simply click on the button below and then select Join Group. And then click on the description and read this. Also PM (Private Message) one of the admins of the group with your INFINii Username so they will know to add you – This group is only for people in the TeamNinjaz : )

Create your Signal Forge VPS account

Remember if you are still unclear on any of this go here: and you will see these steps plus a video for each step that will walk though every process, simply look over my shoulder as I complete the entire process.


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