INFINii Pre-Launch begins in 12 hours! Last Chance to Get on the List

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Time is running out to get your name on our private invitation list for INFINii.

On Friday at 8pm EST the INFINii site will open and we will have access to the system to start generating invitation links.

You are NOT required to pay until Dec 1st.

Please reply to this email with your first name and last name then request to join our team FB group here:

If you are still unsure about INFINii, here are some links to video’s and pdfs:

Team Ninjaz:

Why is INFINii better:

What is the Springboards:

Full presentation with Ken Eggleston (40 min):

Pre-Launch interview with Hitesh (15 mins):

INFINii Corporate Launch webinar (1 hour 28 mins):

What is INFINii (34 mins) Hangout with DSD leaders:

Full INFINii Playlist:

What does INFINii & Springboard cost:

Official presentation & rewards plan:

INFINii Updates on the blog:

What is INFINii?

From the owners of DSD, INFINii is an eCommerce company combined with a private membership club.

Members have access to managed FBA product co-ops (let the experts source and sell products for you – no more eBay restrictions!), drop shipping & DIY FBA training, tools and software, a digital marketplace and a product marketplace (early 2016) that you can safely use to power your online store (Shopify), eBay store or Amazon Sellers Account.

When you are purchasing a seat on the Springboard co-ops, you are actually personally buying those products. So if the co-op is for 100 pairs of shoes, and there are 10 seats available, you are purchasing 10 pairs of shoes and they are sent to Amazon to be sold on your behalf – it’s an expert service that the company provides for a fee.

There are other managed FBA services around – this is the only eCommerce business that is promoted by a team of affiliates.

MLM attorney Kevin Thompson has publicly endorsed the INFINii business model which gives us all peace of mind 🙂

You won’t be forced to recruit so don’t worry about that if you are not interested in the affiliate side!

In the next 24 hours, we will be again sending out personal invitations to those who wish to join us in #INFINii.

We have a growing international team of eCommerce entrepreneurs all ready to get started! We may even have team members in your location that we can connect you with 🙂

Get added to the INFINii email updated list here:

Let’s make some money!

Countdown to 20 Nov

Who are we?

George and Merrin Robinson 🙂 We are original founding members of DSD and have introduced over 600 people into DSD! We were honored to attend the recent event in Orlando to meet the owners and our team members.

Australian based with a worldwide team – we are looking forward to working with you 🙂INFINii-George-And-Merrin-Cheque-event

INFINii Team Bonuses

ALL of our team members will get the following bonuses when you join our INFINii team:

eCom Ninjaz Marketing Website with the following:

  • Custom Capture pages
  • High Converting Auto-Follow Up Emails
  • Custom Sales Pages
  • Banners
  • Affiliate training & resources
  • Step-by-step getting started guide to INFINii

Join the Team NInjazINFINii Team Support:

Our eCom Ninjaz Facebook support group is filled with hundreds of successful INFINii team members helping each other!

Our weekly team webinar is on each Saturday night EST US time or Sunday morning Australian time – links in the FB group.


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