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INFINii Members Generate Between 3-4 Million in Sales Per Day

INFINii November Pre-Launch Latest Updates

On the latest INFINii video update, see video below, (featuring Nathan and his Drone) Hitesh shared some incredible facts about the success that INFINii (DSD) members have achieved over the last 2 years.

Here are the astounding statistics from the data that the DSD/INFINii team have gathered.

  • Daily generated sales is 3-4 MILLION DOLLARS per day on eBay, Amazon and other eCommerce sales.


  • Using the training and support, our user base generates between 22 and 28 times more sales on eBay and Amazon than other sellers in the same space.


  • A typical MLM / Network Marketing company has a 70-80% affiliate rate whose main job is to recruit others into the business. Only 20-30% are actually customers of the product.

INFINii E commerce Statistics

  • INFINii/DSD has a 90% customer rate and only 10% of the whole company have been consistent affiliates. (We can confirm this – out of over 600 people who joined us in DSD, only a very small amount of members ever referred others to the business.)


  • Other companies have 90-95% failure rate because members HAVE to recruit!


  • You will not find another company, even an offline company that had the statistics that INFINii has.


  • The MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson found it hard to believe that we could achieve these numbers, as they were unheard of in the industry, but we are now the ONLY company that he endorses as a business model to follow.

This is what our leader Hitesh had to say about the incredible company that he has created – clearly he is extremely excited!

“It’s kinda unique and kinda cool.” Hitesh Juneja

hitesh juneja quote infinii


Watch the 5 minute video below

INFINii Video Playlist

Who are we?

George and Merrin Robinson 🙂 We are original founding members of DSD and have introduced over 600 people into DSD! We were honored to attend the recent event in Orlando to meet the owners and our team members.

Australian based with a worldwide team – we are looking forward to working with you 🙂INFINii-George-And-Merrin-Cheque-event

INFINii Team Bonuses

ALL of our team members will get the following bonuses when you join our INFINii team:

eCom Ninjaz Marketing Website with the following:

  • Custom Capture pages
  • High Converting Auto-Follow Up Emails
  • Custom Sales Pages
  • Banners
  • Affiliate training & resources
  • Step-by-step getting started guide to INFINii

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