INFINii Market Launch Webinar Replay and Recap June 8th

Nikki & Parrish introduced the new one-stop eCommerce sourcing website INFINii Market today!

Forget using Walmart, Outofstock and Amazon as your dropshipping suppliers……or sites who won’t accept our international PayPal accounts, this is what we have been waiting for, for the last 3 years! And you can also buy in bulk for Amazon FBA selling!!!

Strictly members only…..if you are an existing INFINii member you are sorted….if not, use this link to join our Ecom Ninjaz team of hundreds of international eCommerce professionals!

And there is so much more cool stuff coming 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here is the replay of the webinar, and below is our recap.

INFINii Market Launch Webinar Replay June 8th

INFINii Market Launch Webinar Recap

Vendors = Manufactures
Customers / Marketplace = INFINii Members
Marketplace = This is where INFINii Members will come to find products to sell on their eBay, Amazon, Shopify, INFINii Stores…

Both use the same website, but will login to different sections:

There are some Vendors and product lines in there now, but there are a few more MILLION to come.

INFINii members can all start adding in vendors now so that in 2 weeks time when the Marketplace opens to all of the INFINii Members there will be a lot more products in there to sell.

The Vendors are able to offer different services.

  • Some will offer Free shipping, some will not.
  • Some will offer Drop Shipping, some will not.
  • Some will offer Bulk purchasing for FBA etc. some will not…
  • Some will offer their products for International sale, some will not.
  • Some will offer their products to be sold only in there local countries…

At this initial stage, we will not have high-risk products, no Alcohol, tobacco, food, cocaine, sports memorabilia etc. Remember Amazon was not built in a day, but it was built!

Vendors do not need to be INFINii Members, it is free for them to join, but they can only be introduced through an INFINii partner like us 🙂 All Vendors and products must be vetted first and approved so please contact us to get this process started.

The Vendors that are referred by INFINii members refer will show up in your organisation and you can earn $$ from each product sale that the vendor makes on the INFINii eCommerce platform!

INFINii Members will get different purchasing pricing depending on their membership level. Surge will get cheaper pricing than Prime members, and Excel cheaper than surge. When you login to the INFINii Marketplace the prices you see will be all based on this and updated automatically based on your membership level.

Vendors will love this new alternative to the Amazon marketplace to sell their products. Unlike Amazon, INFINii will strictly enforce the minimum recommended sale price (MRSP) so that retailers do not see their products at dirt cheap prices.

In case you were wondering this is pretty exciting and we both can’t wait to get a bunch of vendors into the marketplace, and to stop sourcing from the retail giants Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair etc who can be a massive headache to deal with from Australia!

infinii market


eCom Ninjaz Team Leaders George & Merrin Robinson with the INFINii company owners Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja.


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