INFINii Information and DSD Event Recap

We arrived back home to Australia yesterday and even though the jet lag has started to kick in we couldn’t wait to get this information out to everyone.

It was great being at the event, I am so glad we went. Mingling with hundreds of successful, motivated entrepreneurs and meeting with our team members (Virginia, Rodney, Derek, Vanessa, Debbie and Victor to include just a few) in person was so cool! If you missed this event, I highly recommend attending the next!

We were incredibly proud to be on stage with some of the top earners in the company and to receive our ridiculously over-sized check, and can’t wait to share the stage with more of our team members at the next event! Thank you to each and everyone of our team members who helped get us there!

Those of you in the DSD Ninjas group would see a few short videos from the event, we have recorded longer videos that covered the important parts of the event and we will be editing & sharing them soon.

The below blog post is very loooong but we wanted all of the info together in one place so that you can bookmark it, or send it on to your own team members.

INFINii Compliance

One of the highlights of the event was listening to prominent MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson who was a guest speaker. It was great to hear from him that INFINii is the only Network Marketing company that he endorses – this is from a legal and compliance point of view.

Kevin owns a direct sales start-up incubator company and has selected INFINii to be their first company to work with. This means he is working closely with Hitesh, Kevin and Jason to make sure they continue to take the crucial steps required to ensure what happened to Vemma and many others in the industry never happens to INFINii.

It was also very reassuring listening to Hitesh and Kevin Thompson discuss and answer questions on how INFINii is going to replicate DSD’s success and create many millions more in retail sales by targeting the same astounding 90% customer base that DSD has achieved.

This is why we are 100% behind DSD and INFINii!

INFINii is already starting to create a significant Buzz in the industry, and is attracting many other large leaders. People like John Kinnear and Ken Eggleston (both with decades of experience working in the industry), even David Sharpe (one of the owners and founders of Empower Network) was at the event. With this new compensation plan they are all starting to take notice of us!

What is happening to DSD

First of all, those of us who are in DSD can continue what we are doing. Dropshipping and FBA are still highly lucrative activities, and DSD will continue to be there to teach those methods. In short, INFINii is set to be a massive ecommerce ecosystem that DSD will simply be one piece of.

Same site, same prices, same training, same comp plan. There is no reason why the DSD owners would turn off a $2 billion+ sales generating machine!

But with all of the success we’ve seen, we’ve only tapped into a tiny part of ecommerce. That’s where INFINii comes in!

INFINii will be a completely separate company and you will decide if you wish to participate in it alongside your DSD business or instead of your DSD business.

What is INFINiiwhat is infinii update

INFINii is a NEW company from the owners of DSD.

Here is a basic run down of the new INFINii company.

Have you heard of Clickbank, JVZoo, DigiResults, Commission Junction or Warrior Plus? These are just a few of the larger companies that offer products and services online for affiliates and marketers to promote. Many of the products you see for sale online come from one of these market places.

These market places serve a very simple but useful task; they help 3 different categories of people get exactly what they want.

1. Seller – Supplier offering the product or service:
Somebody who has a product or service that they would like to sell, but don’t want to do the selling them self. They can offer their products to the marketplace where there are potentially 1,000’s of marketers looking from products to sell.

2. Buyer – Customer who buys the product or service:
Someone who wants or needs the product or service.

3. Marketer or Affiliate – Person who joins the buyer and seller together.  People who are looking to create an income from marketing other people’s products to customers who desire them.

These market places are great for marketers to find a range of products to promote and earn commissions from.

INFINii is basically going to be an improved version to these other marketplaces. Along with the 1,000’s of standard products they will also be offering physical products, running Co-op’s and offering Freelance services like oDesk and Elance ect. If any of you were on the most recent Corporate webinars, you may have seen Hitesh showing examples of the Shopify Program – Total eCom Domination, Coupon Program, and then the Product ecom domination dsd

Total eCom Domination and the Coupon program are digital training courses that will be in the Marketplace inside INFINii, created by members, for sale for others to purchase and help grow their ecommerce business, if you so choose. DSD will be part of the INFINii Digital marketplace.

The Shopify program is already available to purchase within your DSD back office. If you are not a DSD member and want to purchase the Shopify and Facebook Ads traffic program, you can register for the public launch here.

Note: We’ll be setting up a team webinar soon to go over any questions you may have. And make sure you get on our INFINii email list if you have not already:
You won’t be automatically imported and added to the new company. If you want to join INFINii you need to keep in touch with your sponsor to receive an Invitation link to join.

INFINii is simply eCommerce training, tools and group buying co-ops which is promoted within a network marketing distribution platform.  You can only join INFINii through an affiliate link.  Let us know that you want a link and we will put you on the list.

How do we make money from INFINii

  1. By being an affiliate of INFINii and promoting the products or services
  2. By building a team and helping them to promote the products and services offered in INFINii
  3. By participating in the Co-op’s (Springboard).
    You’ll find shopping co-ops that you can purchase slots in. With the click of a button you select the products you want to sell (different products will be available for the different levels) and the product will be automatically purchased by the company and then listed and then sent in to Amazon for FBA to start selling. You will then be paid the profits of your share of that co-op as the sales are created.
    Because the company is buying in bulk, they get very good pricing and exclusive deals that individuals can not normally get. Example products include branded products from Star Wars and Mattel – brands that only sell to high volume customers. They also have a team of experts that create the listings and drive traffic to the amazon listings to ensure optimal sales. With a 27 month track record of over 50,000 active members with 2.4 billion in sales, these people are not guessing, they know what they are doing!The co-op is PERFECT for international members as it is completely hands-off, you don’t even need an Amazon account to participate in the co-ops!
    You let the company do all the negotiation, sales, advertising, etc., and you keep the return margins.
    These co-ops will be available December 1st.
  4. By using the products or services in INFINii, there will be a catalogue of 100,000’s of products within the INFINii system (3 warehouses across the country) that you can pick and choose items to list and sell from (using the DSD training and tools), they will also have your name on the items when they are sent, so no more issues there.
    INFINii does not teach drop shipping but concentrates on the FBA side and the automation tools and includes Genesis Easy & Genesis Traditional.
  5. By referring or creating products and services to the INFINii marketplace.
    YOU are encouraged to create and publish your own products. Do you have a skillset … course…or content to share?  If so, bring that to the Market Place and share with the masses.  You will also receive commission if you REFER a vendor to the Digital Marketplace!  Who is a vendor? Anyone who currently sells on Clickbank, JVZoo, CJ or any digital service or software provider with an affiliate program.

There will be Freelance Marketplace called INFINii Projects (early 2016) Do you have a skill you can offer to others? Programming, graphic design, data entry, etc. Let everyone know you’re available for hire. And of course, you can make money by introducing other freelancers as well.

INFINii Costs

  • PRIME – $49.95 Monthly 50 BV (Includes access to 5 co-op spots & Genesis Easy & Tools)
  • SURGE – $149.95 Monthly 150 BV (Includes Prime & access to 10 co-op & Automation Tools)
  • EXCEL – $399.95 Monthly 400 BV (Includes Prime & Surge & access to 20 co-op spots & Genesis Traditional)
  • Affiliate Fee $10 Monthly no BV

INFINii  Compensation Plan

(don’t worry we will be creating videos on this and doing in-depth webinars to explain it all clearly so that everyone will understand it!)

The Comp Plan is a Binary and you will earn 1 Points to Dollar unlike many other companies. (INFINii will pay out over 70% to members!)

BV is Business Volume and counts towards your leadership ranks and bonuses.

Also unlike most companies that have Binaries you don’t need each leg to be even in volume to fully benefit from each leg.

Your Personal Enrollment Tree will decide your ranking (PET). There will be Beginner Bonuses when you introduce just 2 People. Binary will be paid WEEKLY

INFINii Official Presentation

INFINii Timeline

December 1st – Public launch – Digital & Springboard Product Co-ops

January 2016 – Digital Opens to EVERYONE…

What’s included in the INFINii levels?

The following is a quick overview of the 3 levels inside INFINii.


  • Profit Using the 3 Largest Online Retailers; Google, eBay, Amazon.
  • PRIME $49.95 50 BV ( Monthly )
  • Make money when you or friends shop locally and online
  • Use your phone to turn goods into profits
  • Access millions of discounted products in the market place
  • Get in on the action from ANYWHERE in the WORLD
  • Offer digital products and services for sale in the INFINii marketplace to 300M+ buyers
  • 5 Springboard Co-op positions available for purchase


  • SURGE $149.95 150 BV ( Monthly )
  • Put your business on true auto-pilot
  • Sell on 5 different platforms (including your own store)
  • Generate Cash-Back on every sale to maximize profits
  • Access to 10K more product sources
  • ALL the benefits of PRIME
  • 10 Springboard Co-op positions available to purchase


  • Learn how to unlock massive profits when you SOURCE PRODUCTS GLOBALLY
  • EXCEL $399.95 400 BV  ( Monthly )
  • Earn up to 400% higher profits per sale
  • Step by step support as you create your multi-national product lines!
  • Exploit Amazon’s FBA system – Fulfillment By Amazon
  • 20 Springboard Co-op positions available to purchase


If you have Inactive members that quit because it was just too hard and confusing for them or they got their eBay and/or Amazon accounts closed…the Co-op (Springboard) could be the perfect automated program to bring them back to life – They will not even need to have an eBay or Amazon account!

INFINii Webinar

To listen to some of the DSD leaders discuss the new INFINii company and answers questions, watch the video below.

How to join INFINii

From next week, we will be getting our first 6 invitation codes and will be only giving them to people on our team or new to our future INFINii team (not from another DSD team) who we have been in contact with.

Because of the binary com plan, we will be placing our team builders near the top, so we want to hear from you if you plan on inviting 6 team members to join INFINii with you.

Note: On top of the company marketing materials we will have team training, landing pages and sales material available for online and offline sales tools.

We have full confidence in the company and the owners Kevin Hokoana, Hitesh Juneja and Jason Rose and were very grateful to spend time with them all this weekend.

Again, there is no cross-recruiting or team swapping allowed. You must join under your sponsor or request a link from their upline.  Integrity is everything in this industry!

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to take action!

INFINii is what we have been waiting for and we are planning to grow a large international team are you with us??

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  2. What is meant by 5 spring board seats, accounts??? Or products?

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