INFINii Corporate Webinar Replay and Recap January 4th

Watch a replay of the latest INFINii corporate webinar with Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana and Ken Eggleston.

Webinar Notes:

1000 people per day is joining the company through manual invitations.

eCom platform users UP 300% in the last 2 weeks.

Over $500,000 USD members ecom sales.

infinii stats

NEW bonus announced: Accelerated Beginner Bonus

If you personally sponsor new team members within 30 days:

200 BV – $50
400 BV – $100
800 BV – $200
1600 BV – $400

That is ON TOP of the 15% Fast Start Bonus. So if you are at the Surge level and you sponsor a team member at the Excel level, you will receive $100 PLUS $60 from the Fast Start Bonus (15% of the membership fee.) So you would get your membership and Partners fee paid for!

Additionally, the PET BV generated from your team also creates new bonuses:

2,500 BV – $250
5,000 BV – $500
7,500 BV – $750
10,000 – $1000

Earn until you reach Director! This is fantastic for those who previously had high volume but not enough to reach the Director level to start earning from the P.E.T Infinity Pay bonus.

Retroactive to your first pay week! (Back paid)

What other company creates a brand new bonus for their members? They did not have to, but they did!

accelerated beginners bonus INFINii
*Calendar month to calendar month.

7th of the month the bonuses are announced and they are paid out on the 15th of the month.

The Fast Start Bonuses for the 4th to the 18th December have been paid out – ours took less than 24 hours to be approved and sent to our Australian bank account! The first binary payment is also on it’s way to our GPG eWallet account.

Don’t miss the upcoming Partners webinar in 24 hours, register using the link in your INFINii home page.

If you have not joined our team yet, please use this link: and we will place you with one of our top team leaders!

Who are the Team Ninjaz? Read up here: Why You Should Join Our Team

Who are the masterminds behind INFINii? Read more about the INFINii corporate team here.

We are committed to building our team HUGE in 2016 and helping many of our team members who stick with us reach the Director level. Yes we have had a few bumps along the way – any new business experiences setbacks and delays but we are almost ready to go! Affiliate links will be out this week, our new marketing system is getting the final touches to it and we will be ready to start driving traffic to our team rotator!

We have only personally sponsored a very small group of leaders, which means we have manually placed hundreds of people in our downlines teams. We intend to keep doing this so that everyone benefits from the Business Volume, not just us! That is what “TEAM” means to us.

We appreciate and thank all of our team members who have been so supportive and helpful in our Facebook Group and have the long-term vision to get through this Pre-launch/Beta stage! One day we’ll laugh about it?!

Please watch this video and reply to this email: if you like what you see!

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Our DS Domination team has also grown in size over the last couple of weeks, you can learn more about DSD here.

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