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A Story About INFINii Springboards

An ‪#‎INFINii‬ Fairytale story.

eCommerce is a $11 Trillion dollar worldwide industry and why not have a slice of that!

You are sick of working a 9-5 job and want to start your own business selling products that other people want to buy. You take out a lease on a store in a shopping center and pay monthly fees to INFINii to keep it running.

Once you have that shop space – you need to stock it with products. So you source those products from INFINii and get them sent to your shop to sell. You have to buy them upfront, but once they sell, you make a nice profit. A small profit on the smaller $10 items and a larger profit on the $200 items.

You get to choose from a catalog of items, which increases as time goes by and the company has better buying power. Because of their great buying power, there is no MOQ (minimum order quantity) you just buy as much as you can afford.

You know that each of the items are good sellers because INFINii Commerce are the experts when it comes to eCommerce and they have done all of the research, negotiated the lowest price and they know what is selling right now. They charge a little bit extra for this expertise and that’s ok because it lessens the risk to you. They even take care of all the logistics of importing the products. And before you even purchase the products, you know exactly what your profits and fees will be.

What’s even better is you don’t even have to be in the shop! The INFINii team handles all the sales for you, and magically gets your products in front of millions of shoppers looking for your items – which is great because you may not even live in the same country as the customers!

So instead of spending hours each day researching, negotiating, handling logistics, marketing and taking care of sales, shipping, customer service, shipping and returns, you go to the beach!
After a few months you have made enough money to launch your dream branded product line of natural cosmetics / homeware / giftware and you have learned enough to know exactly how to source and sell them to an international market.

Over the next few months and years you develop several best selling product lines and continue to keep up with the supply and demand, growing your company until you sell your business and choose to do whatever you want to do!

And it all started here:

The end.

infinii springboards

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