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Why Do Most Network Marketing Businesses Fail?

Why Do Most Network Marketing Businesses Fail?

If you have been in the industry for a while or know someone who has, you will know that it is not easy, you need a continual supply of new customers / affiliates coming into your organization to succeed long term.

Don’t get me wrong I love the industry and the people involved, but what I don’t like is seeing so many good people failing!

How do we fix that?

You can do Team Builds, where we all help each other. Yes this can help as the strong marketers will help to make up for the not so good marketers, but people then get lazy and expect to be carried. And you still need a lot of new customers everyday and the larger your organization gets the more people you will need each day.

You can do team builds where you all do 3 different business together, and then turn the structure over on each different business, so those at the bottom are now at the top. Yes this can help, but you still need more people daily at the bottoms of all of the business otherwise there is no new money coming into the organization, it does not matter how many times you turn it over, this does not change.

What you need is a product that EVERYBODY needs and offer it at a price that KNOW ONE can turn down, or have another source of income coming in to the program.

View the video below and see how DS Domination has solved this problem.

Does this really work?

Ask Alexa! Alexa is a global site that tells you how popular a site is compared to all of the millions of other sites out there are in the world. See the image below, DS Domination’s global rank is 4,504 and its US rank is 788 and they have only been live for about 2.5 months as per this post and when that snapshot was taken. This is huge! We are the 788th most popular site in the US!

DS Domination - Alexa Rank - Nov19

If you want to check it out for your self you can here:

DS Domination is a company that teaches everyday people how to make money from drop shipping products online from sites like Amazon, eBay and Walmart etc. Global companies that are huge, and have been around a long time.

DS Domination supplies us with training and tools that you can use from your home and earn a substantial income from following this simple process.

There is also an affiliate pay plan where you can earn a residual income by sharing this program with others, but this is optional. If you just want to use the program you can, and you will make money! The amount you will make will depend on how much work you put in.

At this stage about 84% of our members are making money. Compare that figure with any network marketing company and you will find that number is very impressive!

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