Who Are The Owners Of INFINii?

Who Are The Owners Of INFINii?

Simple answer; they are an Awesome group of people with a lot of smarts to help everyday people create life changing results through eCommerce – And we have seen this first hand!

INFINii has many people in their corporate team who are all very talented & important, but in this post we will just focus on the top 5.

1. Hitesh Juneja – CEO/CTO

The Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology (or technical) Officer for INFINii is Hitesh Juneja.

Team Ninjaz-Hitesh-Juneja1
Hitesh is the driving force behind all that encompasses INFINii. He has systematically become a master in every aspect of online business operations. Hitesh Juneja is one of the new breed of innovative tech millionaires who believes we are at the cusp of the next technological revolution and he has positioned INFINii™ to be at the forefront of that coming revolution.

Hitesh has an uncanny ability to take a simple idea, platform it, build a system around it and turn it into an income producing opportunity for the masses. His tireless efforts have made INFINii the beacon of light in the home-based business arena.

Educated in the fields of Biotechnology and Genetics, Hitesh approaches all business endeavors with an analytical mindset, focused on problem-solving. Thanks to this approach, online platforms built by Hitesh have already served over 300,000 users and generated over $2.5 billion in gross revenues, making him one of the most prolific and successful entrepreneurs of this generation.

Prior to these substantial successes, Hitesh already had a well founded reputation as an online marketing genius due to surpassing the $40 million mark in dollars being generated from his online sales pages and funnel systems. His systems, training, traffic and lead generation have been directly responsible for some of the best known promotions on the internet across numerous industries.

Over time Hitesh has developed multiple marketplaces ranging from eCommerce and affiliate marketing to digital publishing and network marketing. With INFINii™ all of these markets are combined into the first singular ecosystem where true commercial activity across multiple domains can be combined to benefit the average user. On a more personal side, Hitesh aims to help eliminate childhood cancer after experiencing it firsthand with his 3 year old son. To this end, Hitesh supports multiple research projects and charities with the aim of bringing novel, groundbreaking therapies to the world through the forthcoming INFINii Medical™ program.

We have personally known Hitesh for over 2 years now and in that time we have grown to respect him as the true leader he is. Not only that but we actually enjoy working with him, he is a very down to earth person who truly has an interest to help as many people as he can. Respect!

2. Kevin Hokoana – COO

The Chief Marketing Officer for INFINii is Kevin Hokoana.

Kevin Hokoana is a retired Master Sergeant with the United States Air Force and brings an extensive skill set to his role of overseeing INFINii’s day to day operations.
Kevin began his Online Marketing career with the clear mandate of providing a better life for his family while serving overseas in Japan.

Applying the personal and mental discipline skills he learned during his years of military service, Kevin systematically became an expert in the world of internet driven sales. Not only was he able to make up to 10 times what he made in his AirForce salary, he was able to walk both worlds. Excelling in the Military and dominating the Online marketing world.

Kevin is credited with pioneering the concept of ‘Selfless Building’ and by applying his knowledge of online marketing and lead generation, Kevin’s many students have personally sponsored tens of thousands into various business successes. His talent for both teaching and team building has resulted in top 5 positions with multiple high profile Network Marketing companies.
With special emphasis on Content Creation and Online Marketing and Development, Kevin is a hands-on executive whose expertise greatly benefits all of INFINii’s divisions.

3. Jason Rose – CFO

The Chief Financial Officer for INFINii is Jason Rose.

Jason’s great sense of humor and sincerity are appropriate compliments to his financial tenacity when it comes to crunching numbers. Jason’s financial skills are only equaled by his entrepreneurial drive which was clearly evident early in his career running a medical practice and launching an internationally successful Hyperbaric Chamber company.

Many early business achievements resulted in Jason becoming well known and trusted by members of his profession as well as others in the business management and marketing sectors. Jason has taught many other doctors and healthcare professionals how to properly manage their spreadsheets and market their individual practices so they too could run a successful business.

Jason is also owner and CFO of another successful 8 figure global business which has resulted in the formation of critical relationships with global payment processors, banking institutions, accounting firms and some of the biggest names in the world of finance, all of which have been beneficial in growing INFINii™.

4. Brian Barczyk – COO

The Chief Operating Officer for INFINii is Brian Barczyk.

Team Ninjaz Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk comes highly recommended from Kevin Thompson, who heads the INFINii corporate legal counsel.

Brian Barczyk has accumulated over 20 years of executive financial management experience with 12 years specifically in the network marketing industry.

As a former professor of both graduate and undergraduate classes at the University of Akron, Brian brings a wealth of best practices from the academic community studying successful businesses in his case studies. Brain has made many contributions to cash management strategies for networking capital management that have been included in text books taught to hundreds of universities across the US.

Brian is a graduate with an MBA in Banking and Finance from the Weatherhead School of Management as Case Western University and holds a Certified Treasury Professional (CPT) license. Brian has successfully opened 30+ companies throughout the USA, Europe and Central and South America.

Brian is excited to bring his vast knowledge and skill set to INFINii, as shown through his positive and proactive attitude. He is married to his lovely wife, Grace, of 19 years. Together they have raised two beautiful daughters.

4. Ken Eggleston – VP of Business Development & Compliance

Ken has risen to the top of every professional field he’s ever pursued.

Beginning his career as a law enforcement officer in South Florida during the late 1980’s, entering law school and network marketing in the mid 1990’s, profiled as a top earner on the cover of AdvoCare’s Power Trends Magazine in 1999, promoted to Colonel in 2000, of the 13th largest sheriff’s department in the country.

Over his now 20 year MLM career, Ken has become recognized as being one of the most successful and diversified network marketers in the industry today. Having built teams in excess of 40,000 strong in 6 separate companies and serving in numerous executive roles.

On a more personal note, Ken’s son Sean suffered a severe reaction to a childhood DPT vaccination at the age of just 24 months, which was then followed by a 58 minute Grand Mal seizure, which caused him to enter a coma that lasted over 2 weeks. Sean suffered a TBI and was later diagnosed with Autism and epilepsy. Sean’s diagnosis is what caused Ken to pursue network marketing in the mid 1990’s to help pay for his health care needs.

5. John Kinnear – VP of Sales & Marketing

John is an industry veteran and multiple million dollar earner in top tier US-based Network Marketing companies for the last 21 years.

As an international growth specialist, he’s been instrumental in establishing many new growth markets throughout world. John has served in high level distributor council roles and with a unique style that is both educational and entertaining, John is a favorite speaker to countless thousands around the globe.

John’s career excellence in Network Marketing evolved from a background in marketing and photography. As a professional commercial photographer, John’s obsession to master the craft resulted in work that adorns the National Gallery Archives in Ottawa, Canada. In addition to building a career including magazine and advertising work, John has been invited to guest lecture fellow Professional Photographer’s Association members and consistently inspired peers many years his senior.

John’s dedication and passion will remain instrumental in the development and support of INFINii markets and leaders around the world.

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