What is INFINii Signal Forge?

We have been getting a lot of questions in regards to the new Signal Forge Trading program launching from INFINii, so I have put together this quick post to hopefully answer a few questions about Signal Forge and how it will work with INFINii.

First up INFINii is a HUGE marketplace that encompasses a lot of eCommerce and digital platforms, online trading (Signal Forge) is one of these platforms located within INFINii Digital. And because of the size of INFINii it means they generally get better pricing on their products and services from third parties and can then pass these savings on to its members (once they have been thoroughly vetted).


Signal Forge is a very popular online trading community that encompasses many highly skilled veterans in the FOREX Binary options industry. These people have spent many years learning the markets and developing software to create an edge in the markets to potentially generate some very significant profits.

They have also made it so that the average or even new trader can come in and effectively copy these skilled traders and piggyback off of their success. this can be either done manually by being notified of the trades being placed and have the option to trade them yourself, or to actually have them traded for you 100% on autopilot! You can be on holiday, at the beach and the system will still be trading for you.

Note: Because of the extra regulations from organizations like the CFTC, NFA and SEC, trading in the US is more regulated and in this particular case means that the Auto trading feature is not allowed for US citizens at this stage, but for the majority of the world outside the US (including AU) it is perfectly fine!

They have also encompassed many very important money management strategies to make it very easy to control your risk. Cannot stress enough how important this is!

I personally used to be a full time Futures trader and also did a lot of trading on FOREX, Stocks and Options. I love the markets and the power and leverage many of these derivatives give you, but I had to stop while my children were young as I live in AU and was trading in the US, so sleeping in the day and working in the night was not a lot of fun…

But we are very happy to be working with INFINii with their Signal Forge program as I know this will be very good for a lot of people all round the world and the results we have seen so far are very exciting!

INFINii will also have many, if not all of the newly launched wealthgenerators.com trading systems available for its members, and at a significantly reduced price!

So What is FOREX?
FOREX or Foreign Exchange is the world largest trading market that operates 24/7 – it’s a Trillion dollar market!

And basically is just the trading of one currency for another. AUD to USD for example, maybe you are going on holiday and need some cash changed…. Maybe you are selling products in a different country… Maybe you are hedging against a ongoing business contract for raw materials in a different country… or maybe you are just speculating on a movement in price because of certain economic reasons pertinent to one particular country to make some quick cash : )

What are Binary Options?

Well Binary means 2, so it involves 2 things, In Binary Options it means that traders have to make just one of two possible decisions when placing them, and once placed they are either right or wrong. Very Simple!

And as for the Options side, they are basically contracts stating that in a certain amount of time something will happen (price will go up, or it will go down). You can either buy these or write (sell) them.

There are 2 types of Options, a Call Option and a Put Option. A Call Option gives the buyer the right to buy the underlying security at the exercise price (and if the underlying asset moved to a price above the exercise price they would do this and make a profit, if not they just lost the cost of the option). A Put Option gives the buyer the right to sell the underlying security at the exercise price, and works the same as the call, just upside down.

As for how the options are priced this can get reasonable complex, once you start to get into the greeks, Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega… and then you can add multiple options together and create some pretty cool strategies, similar to the imaginary ones Bernie Maddoff created (split strike conversion) before he was sent to prison for 6,871 years, or whatever it was.

Here’s the good news, for Binary Trading with Signal Forge and INFINii, YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW ANY OF THIS!

You simply set your risk, look at the signal and click buy or sell. Or if you are using the Automated option, you just set it and it does ALL the work for you!

Want to learn more about INFINii Signal Forge?


Here is some more info specific to Signal Forge:

? What is Signal Forge?

Signal Forge is a market place for algorithmic and live trader’s signals which are to be used in the binary options and FX industries. Traders can join and select the signal streams that best fit in to their style of trading, to help them understand and navigate the markets more profitably. In addition to this, the Forge part allows users to integrate the live signals with their broker and have the signals automatically replicated for them – 100% hands free! This makes Signal Forge the first provider where multiple Signal streams, customizations, trainings, analytics, and automation can be combined to create a personalized trading solution.

? Who is behind Signal Forge?

Signal Forge is run by a team of advanced traders and investors. The signals themselves are provided by live traders contracted to perform market analysis as well as create proprietary exclusive algorithms.

? Is it for me?

Signal Forge is designed for individuals wanting to engage in the financial markets and easily, it can even be automated. The signals and indicators that appear inside Signal Forge are custom designed for the binary options market, however they can be used for scalping purposes on the traditional FX market, as well.

? What are the main functions of Signal Forge?

Signal Forge is a simple, high-quality trading signal community aimed at generating profitable growth for binary option and FX traders. Upon accessing Signal Forge, traders get access to algorithmic and live traders signal providers that give research based recommendations (not investment advice) on assets. What makes Signal Forge truly unique is the blend of the aforementioned signals with Forge trading capability (which means automated trading), a Forge Chat room, where traders can converse about market related topics, the signals themselves or with senior traders, creating a true sense of financial community and responsibility.

? Can the Signal Forge increase my win-rate?

Signal Forge has been specifically designed to generate profitable growth for traders who have none or very little basic knowledge of the binary option and FX markets. For those that do not have the time to learn how to, or to actually place the trades (for our automated version) this offers a very good, simple way to get started in the markets and potentially significantly increase their chances to make money over time, Signal Forge may increase your win rate because its algorithms and senior traders have solid, audited and transparent track records of sustainable returns over time. Algorithms and traders that see a drop below 60% win rate, are removed from Signal Forge automatically, so only the best survive, in the long run.

? What is the win-rate on the indicators and signals in Signal Forge?

The win rate on the algorithmic signals is 60-70% on average, over time. For some signal streams, our backtests have lasted 3 years and for some, 6 months to 1.5 years, thereby giving reliable results. This does not mean that the live traders or algorithmic signals will generate profitable trades every day or even every week; some days and weeks maybe negative. This is real live trading in the real world. There is a difference between the Analytics section which highlights win-rates for manual trading of Signal Forge signals and then the analytics section inside the Forge auto-trading section, which shows win-rates for signals under auto-trading conditions.

? What is Forge?

Forge is a new semi-automatic and fully-automatic trading plugin that is being offered to the Signal Forge members that allows them to replicate the trade indicators offered inside Signal Forge directly in to their own trading accounts.

? Can I have the signals auto-traded for me?

Yes. Connect your account in the Forge section, to your trading account. The process is explained briefly below to show how easy it is.

Step 1. Connect your Binary.com virtual or real money account to your Forge Unit by copying and pasting your unique API Token from your Binary.com settings area into your Forge settings tab inside Hive. Select ‘Auto’ mode under the menu ‘Type’.

Connect your Binary.com virtual or real money account

Step 2. In the same Forge settings area, configure the risk settings per signal stream you are subscribed to, setting the amount per trade, Hawkeye risk setting and finally your stop loss settings. We advise to not wager more than 1-2% of your account per trade. Click ‘Save’. Log out of Signal Forge and back in to reflect the changes. Find out here what Hawkeye is and how it can increase auto-trading safety.

In the same Forge settings area, configure the risk settings per signal

Step 3. Make sure you are accessing Signal Forge on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to ensure an uninterrupted connection when auto-trading. Using another device may result in missed trades. Access this guide on how to setup a VPS or contact support@signalforgesolutions.com for assistance.

Make sure you are accessing Signal Forge on a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Step 4. Let Signal Forge run and feel free to disable or enable new signal streams, as you subscribe to them

Let Signal Forge run and feel free to disable or enable new signal streams

? Does Forge work for all brokers?

Forge only works only with Binary.com at the moment.

? How does Forge work?

There is a semi-automatic and a fully automatic mode. In the Semi-automatic mode, the moment that each trade indicator is posted, a button appears next to it, enabling the member to make the decision to replicate it on their own Binary.com account whenever the price reaches their desired risk level.
In the fully-automatic mode, the user may choose which streams they wish to be automatically replicated on their account, once setup these trades will take place even when they are not in front of their screen. The user may also select the risk settings according to which system they wish to trade, depending on their risk appetite. These risk settings are known as Hawkeye risk settings. The performance over time, of each signal stream, under reach Hawkeye risk setting, can be found in the analytics section inside the Forge area.

? Does Signal Forge work on my PC, Mac or Tablet device?

Signal Forge is web-browser based, so indeed it does, however on smaller smart phone devices, it may not function properly. A Signal Forge app will be released in 2016 to address this.

? Do I need a VPS?

While it is not strictly required, to ensure an uninterrupted connection between your Signal Forge unit and broker, for auto-trading purposes, we suggest investing in a virtual private server (VPS). This costs around $5-10 per month. Our team is also here to assist you in the event you need help.

? How do I pay for Signal Forge?

You may join SignalForge here: www.INFINiiSignalForge.com

The INFINii eCom Ninjaz team of experienced and supportive e-Commerce and trading professionals are here and waiting to help you get started today!


eCom Ninjaz Team Leaders George & Merrin Robinson with the INFINii company owners Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja.


Want to learn more about how we work full time from home?


If you do want to know more about how options and the markets in general work give me a call or shoot me a message here.

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