What is DS Domination and Drop Shipping and How Can I Earn From Them?

What is DS Domination and Drop Shipping and How Can I Earn From Them?

View the short video below to learn what DS Domination and Drop Shipping are and how they can help you create an online income.

So What Is DS Domination?

DS Domination is simply a company that provides training and tools to teach you how to create an income, at home by drop shipping products all around the world.

DS DDomination-GeorgeAndMerrin
If you are looking to create an online income from home, I believe this is hands down the best method out there, it offers the average person a real opportunity to work a legitimate business from home around your personal schedule.

So What is Drop Shipping?

It is price arbitrage, taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets. Or simply being the middle person in a sale.

You are helping both parties, the manufacturer or producer by creating more sales that they could attain by themselves. And the customer by offering a product they are looking for at an acceptable price.

For example a fruit grower grows some apples. You know you can buy these apples from this fruit grower at an agreed price, this is called the wholesale price.
Fruit Grower - GeorgeAndMerrinAnd you believe you can then sell these apples in certain key markets that you are familiar with, some local dairy’s or super markets etc for a slightly higher price, this is called the retail price.

Now before you actually buy these apples from the fruit grower you want to make sure you have a sale first. This means you don’t have to pay for the apples out of your own pocket, you don’t need to store the apples while you are trying to make a sale, and if you cannot make a sale you are not left broke trying to feed your family on 50 apples a day for the next 5 years…

Now for this example you make a sale to the local dairy for the slightly higher retail price that you set, and the dairy then pays you directly. Next you go back to the grower and buy the apples at the agreed lower wholesale price.

Then you get the grower to ship the apples directly to the dairy.
Job done! Pretty simple and very low overheads and risk for you.

This is nothing new and the process has been happening for hundreds of years and will continue to happen for hundreds more.
woman-shopping-online-with-credit-card GeorgeAndMerrin
Now that we have the internet with a very large and ever increasing base of online is now simpler than ever and can be done by anyone and anywhere.
Here is an online example of drop shipping.

You find an item for sale online at a good price, this will be your supplier site where you will be purchasing the item and this will be your wholesale price that you will be purchasing it at.
You then list that same item on another site for a slightly higher price, this will be your retail site and retail price.

When your item sells the customer pays you directly and provides you with their shipping details, you then go and purchase the item from the Supplier site at the cheaper wholesale price and ship the item directly to the customer, keeping the margin you set as profit to you.

Using the DS DOMINATION program You do not meet, see or speak to the customer, you just complete the simple tasks outlined in the program, and with the tools provided a lot of this is now automated.

Why Does Drop Shipping Work?

Because many people simply buy what they find first, if they believe it is a fair price to them, without searching any further.

Lazy_People-GeorgeAndMerrinSometimes they are either very busy, are not very confident on a computer, they like certain sites that they are familiar with, have too much money, or are just plan lazy. Either way it happens all day every day.
And there are literally trillions of products online listed on millions of different sites. With more of both being created every day.


DS Domination Company History

Roger Langille- GeorgeAndMerrin

Roger Langille

Roger Langille one of the 3 owners of DS DOMINATION has been doing this for over 10 years now and made a lot of money, he was doing between 1.2 and 1.8 million per year in sales on eBay alone!
Over that time he has also taught many people how to do this also, mostly friends and family as he was doing it more one on one. These people have also gone on to become very successful at this also.

He has now teamed up with Hitesh Juneja who is a very smart business man, Web coder and online marketer. And Kevin Hokiana, who is also a very successful online marketer. And the 3 of them have put together DS DOMINATION.

A program that teaches people how to be successful at drop shipping products. By sharing the exact techniques that Roger has been using and refined over the last 10 years to create him and his family a very good lifestyle.

Hitesh-Image still needs to be confirmed

Hitesh Juneja – Photo still needs to be confirmed…


Kevin Hokoana


If you are serious about creating an income online from home I do not believe there is a better option out there than DS DOMINATION.

How Much Can You Make From Drop Shipping?

This is entirely up to you, your income will be directly related your level of input. Simply put the more items you list the more you will make. You will not make 100k over night with this, but if you put in an hour or 2 a day, over the course of a couple of months you can replace a fulltime income, and from there is up to you.
stack-of-cash GeorgeAndMerrin

Is DS Domination / Drop Shipping legal?

There is nothing dodgy about this in fact we use sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc….companies that have been around a long time and have grown into gigantic businesses. And all that we are doing is helping them to create more sales, they love us!
This business is real, it is not some shady smoke and mirrors online business that’s all about recruiting your friends and family. This is a real business opportunity dealing with real products, real sales and real customers.

Does The DS DOMINATION Training Really Work?

We currently have around a 83% success rate, meaning about 83 people out of every 100 that are in DS DOMINATION are making money, that is awesome and we are working very hard to make it even higher.

Training GeorgeAndMerrinWe currently have a wide range of people having success with this program whether they are in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and all different age groups, from Teenagers to people in their late 70’s, they can all do it and succeed.


Why Am I promoting DS Domination?

Because it works! We are seeing a lot of people making very good money with this program and know there are a lot more people out there looking for a real online income opportunity.
On top of the income you will earn by using the program, you can also create a residual income by sharing DS DOMINATION with others. If you are interested in online marketing or know someone who is looking for a way to create an income from home, you can share this with them and earn a residual income that will pay you and your family for many years to come.

We currently have a very successful team growing all over the world and enjoy helping others make their income goals come true by providing top notch support on the program and also for those who choose to market the program also.

Remember marketing DS DOMINATION is optional, we have many people who just use the program and are making good money from this, they are happy and do not want to market it, and that is fine.

How Much Does DS Domination Cost?

You can start this business for as little as $19.95 and start making money tonight! Yes there are a couple of upgrades for those people that want to make the big bucks, but this can be done after with your profits.

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