INFINii Retail Arbitrage Lists

Don’t Know What To Sell In Your Online Store?

One of the biggest problems people face when starting their eCommerce businesses and also the most common questions we get asked are:
“What should I sell?” or “Where do I source my products from?”

So we were very happy when INFINii released their Arbitrage Lists. These lists REMOVE the problem of finding profitable products to sell!

INFINii Arbitrage Lists:

? What Are INFINii Arbitrage Lists?

Every week INFINii’s team of expert eCommerce guru’s compile a list of products that show profitable products to sell online by either Dropshipping them or by purchasing in store and then selling yourself via your own eCommerce store (eBay, Amazon’s FBA or FBM, Shopify…).

Many other companies have tried to offer eCommerce Arbitrage lists like these, but their pricing is either too expensive for most people and or they only have a very limited supply, so they can only offer them to about 10~15 people… Sure they need to be capped, but with a little more research and effort larger numbers can be found : )

X Arbitrage List Product Example:

1 Product Listed on

INFINii Arbitrage Lists

2 Same Product Listed on

INFINii Arbitrage Lists

= Example Summary

So in this example you would sell this Crayola refill pack on Amazon, eBay etc. for around $8.50 and then buy from Frys for $0.90 even after a few dollars in fees that is a huge profit and ROI!

We also have a Free eBook that you can download. This guide has information about what to sell and what not to sell and also information on some of the suppliers we use when we sell on eBay and Amazon.
Free eCommerce Sourcing Guide Today!


Don’t know what to sell on eBay or Amazon? Then get your INFINii Arbitrage List Today!

The INFINii eComNinjaz Top Team of experienced and supportive e-Commerce plus trading professionals are here and waiting to help you get started today!


eComNinjaz Team Leaders George & Merrin Robinson with the INFINii company owners Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja.


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Your endless “eCommerce” possibilities start today!​

George and Merrin Robinson
INFINii and DS Domination Founding Members

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