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DS Domination / Drop-shipping is a numbers game!

The more items you have listed the more you will make on a regular basics. This calculator is designed to help you work out how many listings you need to make your desired Daily, Weekly or Annual income.

Simply enter the Desired Profit / Day amount, and the Average Profit Per Item (after fees) and hit the Calculate Button!

This will then tell you how many items you need to have listed to make your desired income. This is a very simple business (particularly with our training) but it does some take time and effort from you 🙂

Note: This is done on averages, of course some days you will make more and some you will make less, but over time this has been proven very accurate for us.

Desired Profit / Day:
Desired Profit / Week =
Desired Profit / Month =
Desired Profit / Year =
Average Profit Per Item:
Items You Need Listed =

Note II:
The Average Profit Per Item is around $5.00 in Pro while you are learning DS Domination and then will increase to $20.00 Plus on Elite.

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