DSD Pricing Guide


Enter the price you can buy the product at (Wholesale Price).

Enter the price you want to sell it at (Retail Price).

Enter you average fee percent (on eBay it works out to be about 16%, so just enter 16 in this case).

Then click Calculate and it will tell you your net profit, you can then go back and adjust your selling price (retail price) to adjust your profit up or down…

Wholesale Price (your buying price):
Retail Price (your selling price):
Total Avg Fees Pct, eg; 16 equals 16%:
Fees Charged =
Total Net Profit =

Fees Charged; 16% (written as 16) will cover all eBay fees and tax for the US states that charge tax. For some items it will be less and for some it may be a little more, but on average this number is a good safe number we use daily.

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