Options Domination is Live! Here is What You Need to Know:

Yes you read that right, Options Domination is officially open for business and trading has begun!

So much has happened in the world of DSD/OD in the last few days! Over 110,000 accounts had registered for access – so it took a bit longer to get everyone in, but all is good to go now.

Here is the important information you need to know:

If you were an existing DSD member, you can now log into Options Domination here: 
*Your username and password is the same as your DSD username and password*
If you have changed your password in the last week, please try using your old password.

Fill in your profile details by clicking on the My Account button, then go ahead and select which product you want to activate – Inheritance, Enterprise or Legacy. The Foundation training is available to all.

If you are new to OD and DSD, you are now invited to join Options Domination using this link.

Select the level you want to activate, and fill in the membership form and billing details and you will get immediate access.

I will then send you a welcome email and add you to our Facebook group. Lots of great information is being shared there!

If you want to get a better understanding of what Options Domination is, please watch the webinar replay here:

And for a great behind the scenes interview with Hitesh, Kevin and Top Team founder Jeff White (our team leader).

Because the team is still sorting out bugs in the system, if you have any issues, please contact the help desk: they are standing by waiting to help.

Options Domination members area join merrin robinson

The Options Domination Members Area


Here is a basic breakdown of the different levels in Options Domination:

All levels offer basic options training, money management, broker information and account funding instructions.

$49 p/m Inheritance Program offers:
Beginner to Intermediate trading education videos with strategies for analyzing markets and trades. Members will also receive technical signals for short term trades.
15 to 25 signals per day

$149 p/m Enterprise Program offers:
Intermediate to Experienced trading education videos on advanced strategies for analyzing markets and trades. Members will receive technical signals for short and long term market trades, as well as indicators for trading.
19 to 22 signals per day

$399 p/m Legacy Program offers:
Professional trading video education with advanced strategies for analyzing markets and trades. Members will receive technical signals for short and long term market trades, as well as indicators for trading. Members will directly receive Market Trade information from our professional market analysts on daily market news trends. There is live trade room and automated trading in this package.
24 to 28 signals per day

As an Options Domination customer, you also qualify to earn commissions from others who join OD after you.

You can learn more about OD and the compensation plan here:

Here is the link to join Options Domination

There will be a special webinar at the end of this week for Options Domination where we will go deeper into profitable, quick trading, you will get to meet some of the Traders on our team, and also see our algorithmic system in action 🙂

As a bonus for new team members who want to attend more live trading sessions, I will be giving away free entry tickets to Enterprise members each month. Just let me know you want a free session and I will put you on the list – first in first served!

Happy trading 🙂

If you would rather do the eBay/Amazon drop shipping training, please go here:

how to join options domination

Disclaimer For Trading Results

Many efforts are made to send and provide the best accurate signals. Options Domination cannot guarantee that you will earn any profits using the methods and provided signals. The examples and videos shown on this website should not be referred as an earning promise. The winning/earning potential and winning results are entirely depended on the trader/user and market movements.

A lot of factors are included in your success on the binary options market. The signals shouldn’t be referred as 100% success, or even majority success, not in any point. There is no guarantee that you can replicate the success that is shown on this website , or in that matter any other Options Domination user that may or may not recommend this website to you.

This information is provided by:

Merrin Robinson
Independent Affiliate for Options Domination

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