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If you have previously joined DSD and then dropped out for whatever reason (I know DSD is not for everyone) then please read this important message:

DSD Options DominationVery soon, all DSD past and present members will be imported in to Hitesh’s new super duper Matrix that is part of the new Options Domination program. The position you join is determined by the time and date you FIRST joined DSD.

There are close to 100,000 members in DSD right now, so if you joined a year ago – your position is very valuable!

You will have until Feb 1 to decide if you want to keep that position by reactivating your account. If you do reactivate your account, you will need to join at a certain level, depending on how much you want to earn from the matrix (more details below).

If you have not joined DSD at all, then you have 2 choices. Join DSD at Pro level right now ($20 – before the OD flood gates open and get your affiliate link out to sign up a couple of mates, OR wait until February when all current DSD members have their position and you can then join under them, once you see it’s not all a scam 😉

HOT TIP: As per the DSD mission, you do NOT have to recruit to earn from the matrix, as you will earn from everyone else placed under you. BUT you will be capped at $900 per month (which is a pretty good return for doing nothing!) If you bring in at least one team member, you will have an unlimited earning capacity.

If you want to learn more about Hitesh’s super duper matrix, and Options Domination, please watch this video:


Options Domination / Matrix information hot off the press:

(as told from a DSD member with inside info)

There are 3 packages in Options Domination. They are as follows…

1. $49 per month package.
2. $149 per month package.
3. $399 per month package.

When you join with the signup link that you will receive xxxx you will be placed in a Tri-Matrix. The matrix is a 3×7 company forced matrix. It expands to 7-levels deep. The Tri-Matrix is 3 separate matrices. Unlike traditional company forced matrices everyone earns in this Tri-Matrix. I will call the 3 matrices M1, M2 and M3.

M1 is a standard 3×7 company forced matrix.

M2 is a reverse of M1. People on the bottom are now on the top.

M3 is a combination of M1 and M2 where the people that have not earned are placed.

You earn a commission on every position that is in your matrix. You can earn in one of the matrices or a combination in any of the matrices. Everyone earns no matter where they are placed.

The $49 package earns you $1 for each position filled in your matrix.
The $149 package earns you $3 for each $149 purchase in your matrix.
The $399 package earns you $9 for each $399 purchase in your matrix.

There is no referring needed in order to earn commissions.

If you do not refer people the max you earn is $900 per month.

If you do refer people there is no limits on the matrix commissions. You will earn affiliate commissions from your downline for each level. Level 1 is 25%. Level 2 is 10%. Level 3 is 5%. Level 4 is 2%. Your referrals do not need to be in your 3×7 matrix.

Keep in mind that referring is not required and you can earn $900 per month without referring anyone.

While the matrix earnings can be several thousand dollars per month that is peanuts in what you can earn. The main focus of this opportunity is Binary Options Trading. That is where the big money will be coming from.

What is Binary Options Trading – DSD Style?

Binary Options Trading is the real focus of Options Domination. You will get to earn in trading with your broker with no trading experience. The company has developed their own signaling system that is better than any system available on the planet.

It is the only signal system that works. Financial Investment Firms want this system and they can not have it. I was told that $1.5 Million was spent on developing this signaling system.

If you do not have a brokerage account the company will provide you with one. You only need to create your account. The system is designed for people that have no trading experience. It is so simple that anyone can do this.

You will be sent signals on what to purchase on each business day. These signals are send around the clock and is setup for everyone to trade no matter where you live internationally. When you receive a signal you just log into your brokerage account and make the trade. Its that simple!

The quality of the signals are based on the package that you have purchased.
$49 package receives signals possibly within the range of 74% of the time.
$149 package receives signals possibly within the range 84% of the time.
$399 package receives the same signals as the $149 package.

Note: Disclaimer below.
The $149 package will receive double the signals as the $49 package. This is the best package to purchase.

The $399 package will include a fully managed forex account. Plus you will receive a few additional signals per day that are estimate only within, 90% or better range. You will be able to transfer funds from your matrix earnings (affiliate earnings) from your Options Domination account to your brokerage account. This package was created for people that want to be millionaires.

During the testing the $399 package profited 800% in 30 days by just using the signals.
You will need to wait until February to start trading.

Options Domination Income Disclosure
The Options Domination Compensation Plan is an exciting opportunity that rewards you for selling our informational products about options trading and for sponsoring other participants who do the same. Although the opportunity is unlimited, individual results will vary depending on commitment levels and sales skills of each participant.

Since Options Domination has recently launched, it lacks enough statistical data to prepare reliable income disclosures. The reflect estimates prepared by the company pending a more detailed survey to be conducted after its first year.

Based on industry standards and company projections, the average annual gross income for Independent Affiliates projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000. These numbers do not reflect the likely costs incurred in building an Options Domination business. There will certainly be participants who will earn less while others will earn much more.

We’re excited about the Options Domination Compensation Plan and we’re confident it will provide you a solid foundation to help you achieve your financial goals.

If income projections were presented to you prior to your enrollment, such projections are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that you can or will earn through your participation in the Compensation Plan. These income projections should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits.

Success with Options Domination results only from hard work, dedication, and leadership.

When trading binary options, as with any financial asset, there is a possibility that you may sustain a partial or total loss of your investment funds when trading. As a result, it is advised that you should never invest with, or trade upon, money which you cannot afford to lose through this manner of trading.

Option trading involves a real risk of loss. Please ensure you read through our terms and conditions of use carefully before making digital options investments.

It is the responsibility of all visitors to the website to ensure that their interaction with Boss Capital is strictly within the law and corresponds to the strictures enforced in their own country of residence. Customers should be aware of their potential individual capital gain tax liabilities in their country of residence.

We are in no way telling you how to trade,or what to do with your currency.


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