How to Start an International Drop Shipping Empire

Build Your Online Drop Shipping Business Quickly and Simply

So you may have heard about drop shipping – how you can source products from an online supplier and become the “middle man” without even touching the products.

By in this industry, it’s hard to get started unless you get an exact blueprint about how to go about building an online drop shipping empire. Or start muddling your way through it, making a billion mistakes along the way.

Would you take the easy road for just $20 a month?

Yes? Still interested? Read on then…..

First answer some questions:

Can you copy and paste text online?
Have you heard of eBay, Amazon and Walmart?

Would you like to learn from a pro how he buy’s from one giant supplier and sells on another giant global platform with a built in shopping community of billions?

If you can copy/paste you can be successful on Ebay and with the DS Domination Online Training Program

  • No inventory.
  • Keep 100% of the profits.
  • Learn the tricks of the trade from a 10+ years Titanium Power Seller.

How does it work?

Millions of people shop on eBay that DON’T shop on Amazon!

If you took a $20 product at Amazon and solid for $30 at eBay, you just made $10 profit. That’s ‘Arbitrage’ – making the difference between the two prices.

Imagine how fast your profits would add up if you had hundreds or THOUSANDS of product listings! Once you get up to speed, your only limitation is the number of hours in the day!

Many people make a FULL time income doing this. They never touch a product. It’s bought from eBay and you ‘drop-ship’ it from Amazon.

YES it’s legal, eBay allow it, Amazon allow it, products get sold, everyone makes money, everyone is happy!


  • Must have own computer and internet
  • Must have basic computer skills
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must have an eBay account or be able to create one
  • Must be able to follow instructions.
  • Must have a minmum of 2 hours a day available to place listings

DS Domination

How much does it cost?

The cost for the basic Pro training program is $20 per month, once you have mastered that and are making a steady income, you can upgrade to Elite for $99 per month and start making some ‘real’ money!

The training program requires a series of steps (short videos) that must be followed to get maximum profits. Your ability to scale up profits is directly related to the speed and efficiency of product research, sourcing and listing.

No Recruiting Needed

Oh and by the way, while you are making a steady income from your sales on eBay (and keeping 100% of the profits) you are NOT out trying to sponsor and recruit your friends and family, or selling high priced network marketing products.

That’s right = even though you CAN make an income from becoming a DS Domination affiliate, you do NOT have to grow your team to earn money from this training program – just follow the simple steps!

Please watch the training video here: and email or phone George for further information – contact details here.

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