Happy Birthday to DS Domination!

2 YEARS! We are entering the toddler years…

Facebook just reminded us of the image we posted 2 years ago….the Countdown to Domination!! I think I refreshed my screen 4 million times that day!

Joining DSD was our best decision ever, after we nearly quit the online world for good. We had just been let down by yet another company that had promised the world…and closed down a few months later.

This new eBay drop shipping thing sounded ridiculous to me at the time and I was so OVER the whole industry but I am glad (this time) that George didn’t listen to me, and we joined up as founders with our buddy Troy in August 2013.

Joining a newly launched company is always a risk, and there have been a few bumps in the road along the way but we are proud to say we have been 100% DSD for 2 years. DSD is not only our primary business, it is our only online business, which means we can give our team our full attention.

The eCommerce skills we have learnt in the last 2 years will be with us for life, the income that we have earned in the last 2 years has changed our family’s lifestyle for good and the PEOPLE we have met through DSD will be friends for life – hopefully one day soon we will meet in person 🙂

We are very thankful to the hard working owners of DSD past and present, and to ALL of our team members who have joined us along the way  – I am so grateful that we crossed paths. Looking forward to another 10 years together!

Happy birthday DSD!

Merrin & George ♥♥♥

dsd 2 years

If you are ready to join a real business, learn new skills and meet a great community of like-minded people in the eCommerce industry, then use this link to get started right now: and I will send you my special team training resources to get you started asap.

George & Merrin

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