DSD and OD Company Hangout May 16 with Hitesh, Kevin & Jason DSD 2.0

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Latest DS Domination & Options Domination company webinar May 16th 2015.

2 words: Automation & Optimization

DSD 2.0 brings more automation and optimization to your eBay account and drop shipping business.

  • DSD Supremacy upgrades
  • Automated ordering
  • Discount gift cards
  • Affiliate commission on eBay sales
  • New revenue streams
  • New Elite training
  • New Pro training
  • Instant Domination package
  • Extra support for International members
  • G2 – Genesis 2.0
  • M2 – Monopoly 2.0
  • Options Domination marketing funnels

Huge announcement will be at the upcoming event! Purchasing a ticket will give you a discount when you purchase the new training package. You will also receive the recording of training content, plus a thumb drive of goodies (tradining indicator, marketing templates) if you purchase the VIP ticket.

There will be NO price increase for Pro & Elite training, only Supremacy – but it will be cheaper to buy in the new Instant Domination training (Elite + Supremacy)

All active DSD members will get the DSD 2.0 upgrades for free.

Have you joined multiple MLM busineses in the past? Research has shown that product based network marketing companies do not work for everyone long-term. Here is why DS Domination is different:


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