DS Domination 2.0 Review – Everything You Need to Know

DSD 2.0 = Automation Software

Not just a training site anymore, DSD 2.0 is a fully automated platform that manages EVERYTHING for your eCommerce business – from research and listing to tracking and fulfilling orders on complete autopilot!

Existing DSD members will be the first to get the 2.0 upgrade – ticket holders for the upcoming event in Dallas, Texas will be at the live launch. After a couple of weeks of tweaking and testing, it will roll out to all new and existing DSD members.

Perfect for International members – our Genesis members will be able to pick an item for FBA that gets sourced, packaged, customs/taxes handled, and even shipped into Amazon without you so much as touching the item!

How Much does DSD 2.0 Cost?

There is NO PRICE INCREASE for the existing training memberships – Pro, Elite, Unleashed, Monopoly & Genesis.  Only Supremacy will be increased.  There will be a new training package which includes Supremacy & Elite for a new price.

dsd 2.0 reviewWhat is Included in DSD 2.0?

  • A brand new reworked design and organization of the entire system to make all the automation tools more accessible.
  • New advanced tracking and orders management including intelligent price and stock management across 20+ stores!
  • New, even more in-depth training videos covering recent updates to the world of ecommerce and new tricks to increase sales even more!
  • Latest updates to the FBA app to work with iPhone 6+ and latest Android versions.
  • An additional Monopoly sales funnel to go alongside Genesis.
  • …and a couple new amazing changes to our affiliate system, company policies, and a whole new world with internal product sources being added to DSD!

Watch the video below to get all the latest DSD 2.0 news directly from Hitesh & Kevin.

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